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Battery powered microneb

I have a mains powerd neb [a godsend] I am going to buy a batt op microneb which works off two aa batts. Any reccomendations would be most welcome.

Thankyou, Howie

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This has come up a few times before. I have an Omron MicroAIR which I bought because it got good reviews on here and also you can buy them form Lloyds and they can service them too. I haven't had any problems with it, but I can't compare it to anything else.



I have a Microair too and bought from Evergreen. The website is realky good and has a range of portable nebs. The portable/handheld are good for emergencies but can't cope with 5 mg of Ventolin and 250 mcgs of Atrovent but fine with 2.5 mg of Ventolin. Evergreen are very helpful and sell replacement parts.


I have the PARI E-flow and its really good!! i love it and use it everyday for all my nebs - it does antibiotics, DNanse, salbutamol, atrovent and hypertonic saline! i would recommend it! :)


decision made;)

Thankyou for your help.

Fortunately, I only need the microneb for the salbutamol, so I have ordered an omron microair u22 from evergreen.

I had seen it advertised on a different website, but evergreen are selling it for 20 quid less!!


You have made a cracking choice.

Pocket size, quiet, efficient and Evergreens are good to deal with as well.

Here's hoping that you don't need to use it too much


good choice :) Since having my Omron, I have been able to get out more and its absolutely amazing, it does my saline, my atrovent and my ventolin with no qualms or fuss. I have never had any problems with it. ""Oscar"" has become my lifeline and goes everywhere with me


I have an Omron Microair too, its wondrous, much easier to cart about than the others, its so light and fits easily into most handbags. I used Evergreen too, they are very efficient, helpful and much cheaper than LLoyds or other shops. Happy and safe nebbing, Lois x



We're off abroad on holiday in May and need to purchase a portable neb for my little girl.

At the moment, she uses a huge compressor one loaned by the surgery, in order to take her twice daily steroids. However, im concerned to take that away. Ive looked at the Omron Microair ones as you've all said such great things about them.

Just a little question: Are they man enough to use Budesonide in? Our community resp nurse has told me to check this out as Budesonide tends to be a thicker liquid than that of salbutamol for example.

Any ideas?


I use the omron microair all over the world, from Libya to China to South Africa. I always take four batteries with me as spares. It is the best neb for quick and silent control ( for me anyway) and also gives me greater confidence if somewhere out in the sticks.

Mia xxx


Hi Emily

I have the micro air and it is a superb bit of kit but having read the article (link below) it would maybe struggle to cope with budesonide.


However it maybe worth a call to Evergreens who are very helpful on advising which nebuliser best suits your needs.



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