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Hi, im new to this message board so sorry if i am posting in the wrong place or anything.

I have have asthma for about six years. It started in my teens initially quite mild.

Over the last few years it has gradually got worse (it seemed to go progressivly down hill after a sever chest infection)

I also have a neuromuscular condition(I am yet to obtain a precise diagniosis but tests have confirmed that it is neuromuscular in origin) This complicates my asthma as it has weakened my diapham meaning i have to work harder to breath.

Resent lung function testes have shown that i am accumilating CO2 in my blood and not getting enough oxygen while i am asleep. I am about to start using bipap at night(this is a mecheine that does part of the work of breathing for you)

Im just wondering here if antone has had any experience with bipap. Or if anyone here also has asthma coexisting with a neuromuscular disorder. Im feeling a bit alone and worried because im not sure how things are going to turn out.

Sorry about the long post

Best wishes to all

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Ive been on bipap on most hospital admissions and a little overnight at home.

I found I got a better nights sleep and after my nebs etc were more effective. It helps force the Co2 out of the body that grows during the day... it does take some getting used to but once there its fine!


I've no experience of Bipap but just wanted to say welcome to the forum. Good luck with the Bipap and I hope it helps you.


i used bipap for a period. i found it did take some getting used too, but after that i felt a lot more refreshed in the morning after id used it...


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