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Could do with some advice

I tend to just read posts on here and not comment but could do with some information off people on here.

I just been to my asthma nurse and she has said she can't do anything more and i need to be referred, i take seretide 500, montelukast and use my ventolin on a daily basis, i still have frequent attacks that i've been treated in A&E for and also at the doctors.

Basically, what i was wondering is what seeing a respiratory specialist would involve?


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dont have any advice, but just want to let u know, youre not the only one in this situation.


When I arrive at the hospital, the nurse will take my blood pressure, oxygen sats and weighs me then I will get to see my consultant the appointment can be anything from 30 to 45 minutes he usually listens to my chest gets me to my peak flow and looks at my peak flow charts and then he will talk me to about how I have been and will discuss my medications he may put me on different medications to see if that works better.

I also write down any questions I want to ask my consultant.

I hope this information helps you.


Gloves - have bumped up a similar thread for you (Respiratory Specialist Consultant). Hope it helps.

Edit. Philomela - I will leave it to you to find the other threads, there are more - your memory is much better than mine!


Hi Gloves,

Sorry to hear you're having a bad time. I've never seen a specialist asthma consultant but have seen general resp ones in 2 different hospitals, because I moved and because I'm weird and my GPs got to the end of trying to work out what was going on.

There are a few posts where people have asked this before and got good answers - I'll have a look and bump one up if you like [Edit: angievere's done it already!]. EDIT bumped up a couple more for you, think they're in General.

I don't know if it would be different if you go knowing you have asthma - someone else can answer that better - but with me I see nurse and get weighed, then see consultant, they ask millions of questions, PF/look at charts, listen to chest and various other things (that depends on where you are and how thorough they want to be, and how much they feel they already know about your symptoms). Usually have at least a couple of tests on same day, possibly chest X-ray (not always though), bloods, and sometimes lung function - sometimes you have to come back another day for that.

Hope that answers your question somewhat, feel free to PM me if you think it would be of any use.



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