Asthma attack?

just a quick question, i've recently been put on a higher strength preventer seretide 500 twice a day and ventolin when required but i still get tight chested and short of breath. i know asthma has different symptoms but as i still get these symptoms i don't think my asthma is under control. Are these a sign of a mild asthma attack?

I know people can't give medical advise but was wondering whether other experience this?

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  • it sounds to me like you are slightly out of control. Do you do keep a regular peak flow chart if so is there peaks and troughs? if i was you i would make an appointment with your gp and discuss this as you may need additional treatment how long are going without taking your reliever?

  • Hu gloves,

    I agree with andynorthnotts, better get yourself back to your gp. There's a lot of different types of medication or add-ons that will hopefully solve your problem. I used to be on only blue&brown inhaler but when hayfever saison gets to me I take other medication too now and it really helps.

    Hope you'll be getting sorted soon.

    Best wishes Lydia x

  • have a word with your gp, sounds like you could do with trying maybe symbicort, works for some better than seretide.

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