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Query about steroid reduction

Hello there

I'm currently doing a slow(ish) steroid reduction, I've been on prednisolone for about 11 weeks or so started off at 40mg for about 9 weeks, then reduced to 35mg for 2 weeks( as I needed lots of nebulisers when I reduced from 40-35mg and it took 2 weeks to stabilise)- I dropped to 30mg yesterday and today I'm feeling tight again and have been using my inhaler lots- the slow reduction is under the instructions of The Brompton so it's done over weeks as I end up having problems otherwise.

Sorry to be long winded!!but I was wondering if other people take a dip for a few days when they start reducing the dose- then plateau out before they then reduce again? I'm not sure if this has made sense!

Many thanks


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I always seem to have problems when i start to drop down and it takes my body a while to adjust. I am currently trying to get down to 5mg and everytime i get there i end up straight back on 30mg it is very annoying. Hope you manage to drop down. I not sure if it is normal tho, hopefully someone may be along who knows.


Hi Fi

I am permantly on steriods, but do find that sometimes when reducing I get the wobbles too, but just to be on the safe side speak to your asthma nurse, having been in the past with the Brompton, I am sure they will be happy to advise you.

Good Luck with the Recovery!


hi fi

Its frustrating reducing steroids last year i spent almost all year on a dose between 40 and 60mgs pred by early jan i had managed to get to 20mgs but currently having a huge setback as chest is really rubbish again so back up at 60mgs again! Its a slow and very frustrating process but any deterioration at any stage is usually met with putting the steroids back to a level where symptoms are kept at bay normally thats around 20mgs for me unless im poorly in which case its up to 60. Hope this has made sense im very tired but wanted you to know your not alone and it may take some time but you will get there. Take care lotsa lv kat Xx


I am on a permanent dose of 10mg and have just been on 40mg for 5 days and dropped back to 10 mg today, I am feeling shattered but not sure if that is lungs or lack of pred.... will see how I go.

In the past when reducing, I have gone very slowly - 2.5mg or even 1mg at a time.

If I have problems after 5 days I pop it back up for a few days by a bit.

Another way is to do alternate doses. eg 10 - 7.5 - 10 - 7.5 alternate days.


I've been permanently on Preds for 9 years and was on a maintenance dose of 15mg. After my heart bypass surgery, my Resp Consultant decided in Oct to try and reduce by 1mg per month and I'm currently on 12mg, with no real problems, fingers crossed. Down to 11mg next week.


Day three after reduction is always worst for me! I tend to get more symptoms of pain and being exhausted with slight cough for few days due to my rubbish adrenals usually i can stick it out but if in doubt its back to the previous level and try a lower reduction when stable. I'm permanently on pred anywhere between 10 and 40 but at minute am reducing again and got to 22.5.

Alternate day dosing seems to help me as advised by RBH and my endocrinologist.


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