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Any advice welcomed please!

hello, I just wanted to pick anybody's brains please! I have ""difficult"" asthma and the last 2 years in particular have been a bit of a nightmare. I have currently been off sick for 6 weeks at the moment starting with the usual chest infection/asthma I'm currently on 40mg pred as unable to reduce as I'm still quite unstable with quite erratic dipping peak flows and very reliant on my nebulisers. I'm on the usual works medicines wise Symbicort, Singulair, Uniphylline etc. unfortunately, although I have lots of allergies I have very low IgE levels(which I know can happen) so can't get Xolair. Does anybody have any other ideas as to whether there is any other type of medication left??Think I'm clutching at straws but have had so much time off work and been house bounds for a large chunk of the year. I'm also at risk now of losing my job which is a tad worrying. My GP is brilliant and I have a great Resp. Consultant, but kind of feel there is nothing else to try- which is not the most exciting thought!Any ideas/thoughts welcome. Thank you!! Fi

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hi ya,

I was in a trial for a new treatment last year called Bronchial thermoplasty. The provisional results have been very encouraging. It works by reducing the smooth muscle in the lungs. It is not suitable for everyone, but you should ask your consultant when it will be available and if you would qualify. Failing that they may still be looking for volunteers to take part. I didn't get the treatment I got the placebo, but I will be offered it when it is licenced.




I have difficult-to-control/brittle asthma too and I am also on 40mg of pred and been up and down on doses of pred since the beginning of May this year, was off sick for nearly 5 months, made it back to work for 3 weeks, off for a week,back for a week and then off again for a week and now back again ( but we'll c how long for this time!!!) I am on Phyllocontin,Singulair, Symbicort,Pred, salbutamol and atrovent nebs, but IgE levels are within normal range..I too have been told that there is not much more that they can do for me which don't help me because I feel like I can't or don't want to carry on the way I have been over this year and would love for them to try something else...I too am scared of losing my job because of my erratic sicknesses and also the fact that I have no real energy to do my proper job at present...So i too would be grateful for any info

Take care



Thanks for the replies, it's nice to hear from other people who are in similar situations-let's keep our fingers crossed that something comes up and we can kick wheezing out of the window and start to get a life again!!!!

thanks for the advice about the placebo/trial too- will mention it to my consultant!

Hope you feel better soon



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