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Back on the nebs, any advice welcome please!


I have been off sick since the beginning of November with asthma and various infections. To cut a long story short the last 2 weeks or so have been much better and have subsequently been on a very slow reducing dose of steroids. The last few days have been feeling breathless/bit of a tight chest and only a slight wheeze. I had reduced to 25mg prednisolone last weekend, but increased back up again yesterday to 30mg as have been needing some nebulisers again, have needed x2 this afternoon within a couple of hours of each other. (Prior to the last few days I've not needed any for about 2 weeks) My peak flow is ok (it rarely drops anyway, even when I'm really bad)I don't feel like I have an infection..I'm not sure quiet what to do- if I speak to the out of hours DR-they don't know me, and if I get tight again and go to A&E am not sure whatthey would do because I don't think I need IV's etc? Any ideas/advice thank you and soory to have gone on abit!!!You're probably bored to rtears by now!

Thanks Fi

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Hi Fi,

Sorry you've been unwell. You really need assessment by someone who can see you and examine you, none of us here can do that - I'm a doctor but it would be unsafe of me or anyone on here to try to advise over t'internet.

Please do ring your out-of-hours service if you are in doubt, or attend A&E. Better to be assessed and discharged than leave it & get into trouble.




Hi Cathbear

Thanks for the reply- you're absolutely right- things have settled down a bit, so will play it by ear, but I promise if I'm not right I will seek advice- it's weird isn't it, the logical side knows exactly what to do, but the other side ..there's always the well I'll wait and see. Hopefully the higher dose steroids have kicked in now, fingers crossed, but I am feeling better, thanks



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