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Steroid munchies and diabetes


I suffer form severe/difficult asthma and have recently been diagnosed as diabetic and have just started on insulin. I was wondering if anybody else has any advice about what they eat when they get the munchies(from steroids) i know everybody is different and I am seeing the dietitian next week which will be really useful. In the meantime I've been on high dose steroids since November and although the hunger is better I still have times when I'm ravenous!! I'm trying to have healthy snacks such as cottage cheese, but thought it would be useful to ask around to see if anybody else had any suggestions/experience?

many thanks in anticipation


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Hi Fi

I am an insulin user too diagnosed in Oct last yr,snack wise i swear by jumbo snack a jacks, oatcakes both sweet and cheesy obviously your fresh veg eg carrots and cucumber fruit has gone out the window as most is too high in sugar.

Pm me for more info.


Ive also only just been diagnosed with diabetes and have insulin. Have also been snacking on oatcakes and carrot sticks. If anybody as any ideas to alternative to chocolate. Or how to cope with PMT with no chocolate?1 Hops thanks for suggesting nimble wholewheat bread it tastes nice and doesnt raise sugars like other bread.


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