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I am looking for information on the Pari e-flow nebuliser. I have decided that I need something portable and I believe that this is operates on a battery pack. Unfortunately as of yet I havent been able to find any information on it. I am keen to get it as it was recommended to me by my consultant. Also are there any other portable systems out there similar to this?

I would just like to say that this is with the full consent of my consultant, after we have explored other means of controlling my asthma- theophylline, long term pred etc. And i have a VERY strict action plan.

Any information would be much appreciated. If we are not allowed to post links would people please be so kind as to PM me.




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Daft answer but have you tried using a website called that might give you the answer you are looking for or try googling it or use a search enginge like google and type in Nebulisers that should bring up a list of websites that sell Nebulisers. Hope that helps.


heya, ive had a google (as im sure you have) and im not sure if its available in the UK yet.

However, many of us on here have the omron microair and after having used both the medix ac2000 and freeway elite i can thouroughly recommend this one for portability! It is tiny in size and almost silent. A google search of it should throw up some more info for you :) Or if your looking for more of a ""work-horse"" one then the freeway elite is also very good, but slightly bulkier.

Nicki x


The pari e-flow is quite expensive if I recall correctly (someone paid nearly £400 at the rbh). If you are just nebbing salbutamol/terbutaline/atrovent then the most popular portable here is the ormon MicroAir it is not only fairly cheap these days it runs on 2 AA batteries or you can buy a mains pack. I have a mains unit but take it out with 2 rechargable double AA's I have always have a spare couple but even on my worst days I have never had it to use the ""spare"" set.


£400!!! ouch. So my consultant was lying when he said it was a *little more expensive* than the other portable nebulisers. I was thinking a microair Bex, and on that advice and after a quick search of the forums I am off to 'borrow' dads credit card. Hehe.





Em, I have never been let down by mine yet and I know others swear by them. Happy Nebbing!




I have just got a new Freeway Elite ( arrived yesterday) as my Freeway Freedom was well and truly knackered, case wise. I have had that one since 2003 and it has done me well.

I think it had been bounced once too often and the top section had parted company with the bottom - was held together with insulating tape!

I traded it in with respironics for £165, the same price you can get on evergreen web site. I did a bit of negotiating there. It is much smaller compressor unit.

It has a detachable battery.

The only thing I am not too happy with is that you have to detach the battery to recharge it and then if you need to use the neb from the mains, you have to unplug the battery and plug the lead into the compressor unit.

Someone didn't quite think that one through............... A pain as the battery needs charging 24 hrs for first time and then a minimum of 6 hrs after that for each full recharge. I will suss it out. If the leads are cheap, may get another lead as I like to charge things overnight on the economy 7 rate.

Regards Pari Nebs, there is a portable compressor one which is cheaper, around £200, see evergreen again. I tried a pari walkboy years ago and didn't get on with it, the on button was too prominent and would turn on if you jolted the bag!

If you look at Nebulisers on the main AUK web site there is a contact list there.

Look for what you would like then search Evergreen or other medical supplies sites for better deals than the actual company.

I only whent with Respironics as I have been a long term customer since 1994!

For the more portable neb, I have an Omron Microair called Oscar! great little neb. I also have a Portaneb somewhere which is a good work horse if all else fails.

I still have a Medix Sonix neb which is Ultrasonic which still works, though the battery is probably gone - nebs very fast too but a bit bulky.



Kate, you are serial nebuliser collector! Speaking of which it must be about time I boiled my mesh on the omron.



LOL, In reality I only use the omron when out and the compressor at night or at home, or when really not with it as I can't hold the omron when splatting.

Portaneb - was given to me new by a hubby of someone who didn't make it, she had 4 plus nebs I think!

Sonix - had that since 1999 and not got rid of it - was usefull when I boiled to death both Omron meshes a couple of years ago. It is of no use to anyone else really and no trade in value, not made anymore either!

... Yes, I was a squirrel / womble in my former life!


I'm with Kate. Love my little omron for out and about and general 'chronicness' (its great but not that powerful) but use the good old massive compressor driven neb when acutely unwell. Shame its so noisey!

However, despite that its a great all round neb. My pharmacist recently asked for the details of it for one of his clients!



\thanks for the tip! Just got my omron-missed the delivery man yesterday- oops. Tis fab and so quiet and portable!!

*does silly little dance*




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