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Another rant about doctors and advice needed please

OK so as many of you may know I have been having issues with my asthma since January. Back before the new year my peak flow was ranging a normal of 430-450 every day and then I came down with a horrid chest infection that came right out the blue with no warnings and since then I have been seeing my doctor 2-4 times a month. I have been on anti-bios 3 times already this year on my third course of preds this year and I have had my meds changed from 200mg clenil twice a day to 400 clenil twice a day, and 200mg Salbutamol to 400mg Salbutamol. And I have had 50mg Salmeterol added to the treatment plan and almost a month ago know I was also given 10mg Singuliar on to the treatment plan as well. Well today I was back at the doctors for the second time this week he told me to take 10 puffs on the salbutamol every 4 hours and if I got worse over the week end to go to A&E and he also wanted a chest x-ray doing today.

Well I went for my chest x-ray and the lovely lady who did the x-ray wasn't happy with the way I was breathing and she got a porter to take me down to A&E. They put me in area 3 and they did my obs and then rushed me to resus. All I can remember was hearing beebs and alarms next to me. It ended up my sats was down to 90% and my heart rate was up to 135. They put me on oxegen, did an ECG, followed that by a peak-flow which was 220, (40 drop from the one I did in the doctors following 10 puffs on the salbutamol). Once they go tmy heart rate stable and my sats satble they moved me back to area 3 where they monitored me while I was taking a neb for half an hour and then half an hour after the neb finished they did my peak-flow again and it was an amazing 400. It hasn't been this high in months I am so pleased. But they asked me to do my peak-flow again 3 hours after getting hiome which I have just done and it is dropping again. It is know down to 370, chest pains are starting again which disappeared after the neb.

So from what I have told you here does it look like my worse night mare might be happening. I feel as if I am never going to get control of the asthma again with out having to have nebs. I know their is nothing bad with nebs but my mother had nebs at home when I was young and when I think about her on the neb know when I was child and how it made me feel and what I thought about her all I remember is thinking ""Oh my god my mother is a dragon"" and being scared of her while on the neb. Which is something I am petrofied of my children thinking about me. I have also been told by the respority consultant that was taking care of me that he wants my GP to do a referal as their is so much more he can offer me through the clinic than what a GP is licenced to prescribe. Is this true as well? I am so confused I asked lots of questions but I am still confused. I'm not even 28 yet and I feel as if my life is grinding to a holt just because I can't get control of my asthma and I am allowing my asthma to do the one thing I always say not to do. I always say to people with asthma you need to control your asthma not the other way round and at the moment my asthma is controlling me and I hate it

OK enough ranting and moaning. Thank you all for reading this rant and for any advice or info of your experience if you don't mind sharing your experience.

Alison xx

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I had the same thing happen when I went to the docs in december, ended up on oxygen, had ecg then rushed into hospital, wernt happy with the way I was breathing and not enough oxygen getting to heart. After second ecg doc sent me home with my Sons inhaler, not good at all!

My asthma has been yuck this year, just finished my montelukast, does it drive you up the wall it takes 10 mins to take? I had a week when I was on double nebs 4 hourly at home, I was only just about holding. It frightened my asthmatic Son silly, he suddenly realized how bad asthma is watching me suffer. He had a complete wobbly and said asthma is ruining his life but we had a long chat and he understands I need treatment regularly for asthma.It's had a plus point, he makes sure he has his inhaler with him at all times which I have been trying to do since he was 4 (now 10). My asthma is fairly okish at mo, lungs still grumpy but can do things as long as I'm sensible and not on nebs at mo.

Nebs may be a short term thing for you and if it keeps you out of hospital, family life will be fairly normal, so it will benefit kids that way.

I had ME when I was 21 and my life completely stopped, I couldn't walk. I do know how you feel, my asthma makes me feel the same. I feel like I'm watching life through a TV as I can't take part but can watch whats going on.

Take care and hope you feel better soon

Kate x


ranting is ok

hi. Don't worry about sounding off we all need too. Asthma is scarey thing, and it does seem like its controling lives at times if not all the time for some folk. Get a referral from GP to see consultant. I was ill this time last year, felt like a 90year old. After 6 wks messing around by different GP'S i eventually got referred to hospital. With further investigations i was able to confirm why I had so many chest infections. My inhalers were changed more tablets to take but I am far better than last year. No chest infections since this time last year. Ok I still get asthma symptoms but otherwise lead an active life. Dance, cycle, walk, garden. Plus wrk full time as a nurse and part time in church.

So don't worry you will get you life back I'm sure.

As for children explain what the neb is.


Thanks Kate

It was montelukast I was given at the hospital today. I was on the neb for half an hour though and my face is red rough, hot and feels like I have been burnt. They did wash my face over after the neb had finished but the damage has already been done. I have sensitive skin which I control with a boots botanic hydrating body scrub, lotion and spray nothing works on me other than this expensive boots product. I have bathed my face in a cold flannel and put some of the lotion on to see what happens.

Consultant I saw at hospital today also recommended I move GP's as no GP shuld of left an asthmatic patient this long with constunt chest pains and asperation in the asthma. Apparently you don't need othear a cracky on the chest for their to be something wrong with asthma all you need is for the airways to be open enough for air to get in and out with out the cracky but not open enough for the lungs to work and they will never get better with out a neb. Which is where he thinks I am at. And the only way I can get the treatment needed unless today was enough is to be under a consultant. I have no cracky which immediantly told them it wasn't a chest infection but the peak-flow told them something wasn't right was the lung function and that is why they gave me the neb.

Kate hope your asthma improvement is a good sign that you are finally on the road of recover and I hope to be joining you very soon


there are a lot of dangerous and bad gp's out there.

If i didnt by chance meet the new gp I know always go to i can guarantee that i would be admitted in hospital by now. The previous GP initially was too laid back then the other one was reluctant to remove me off symbicort when clearly i was allergic to something in it.

I had 3 bouts of fluid in my lungs two rounds of preds and then i went to see this new Gp for an urgent prescription of ventolin she read my notes and history and her remark was: what are they waiting for? since this i have only gone back to this gp. And i have a stablised asthma since then and no trips to A&E. Im getting there slowly but honestly the previous two gp's were contradicting the hospital doc and they were just too laid back all the time. i spent a year or so trying to get them to take it seriously. I think it was their lack of understanding i just didnt react quick enough to self educate.

A lot Gp's fail to understand that no two people with asthma are alike!


Hope you are feeling much better. If you opt to change gp, ring around your local surgeries and find out if any of them have gp's that have a specialist interest in asthma. I was just wondering what an asperation in asthma is? It sounds like you have had a really awful time and need to find a different gp. Good luck.



Hi asthmafamily

There are many meds for you to try before resorting to nebulisers. There great in acute episodes but having a neb at home can give you a false sense of security. A fresh look at you by a different doctor sounds like a good plan. An action plan would also be a good idea to stop you getting so bad again, do you have an asthma nurse at your local surgery who could help with this?

Erasamus when she says 'asperation in asthma' I think she means 'exacerbation'.



excellent advice erasmus090806, thats actually what people have to do. Its such a shame that even though we are suffering with this we need to do the extra work for the right treatment.

Have a look at NHS Choices website:

I used this website when i was about to switch but then met a GP within the same surgery who works part time but is brilliant for asthma and has the right balance of laid back attitude and reaction when its bad. You have move in time before any further flare ups!


Thanks for that website Confused. Will take a look and see what I can find.

I do have an action plan but the doctor didn't seem to be following it. I have been in stage 2/3 on my action plan since January and then in a matter of days I went from stage 3 to stage 5. I feel all tight chested again today and can hardly breathe again. Already had to use my salbutamol 3 times and one of this resulted in having a grand total of 16 puffs following my attack plan. I said to hubbie I shpould properly go back to A&E but I am getting the relief I need from the salbutamol so I am probably doing wrong by holding off going back to A&E but this moment in time I am not feeling exhursted or drained like I was yesterday which is the reason why I have decided to hold off and see what happens. Only tomorrow to go then back at doctors again and I am not going to leave the room until the referal has been done and then I will feel happy that I am one step closer togetting things sorted then the job will be moving doctors. I think getting the referal don eis the main priority at the moment which is why I am going to push for this happen before I move to another doctor. Does seem stupid or does it make sense?

My other concern know is has the doctor also been mistreating my sons asthma. He was put on salmetarol back over winter and then was taken off it in Feb and since then we have been up and down and all over the place but the doctor has only seen him after an attack when he is back to normal or on a good day with his asthma when he is having no signs or symptoms at all. But he has had 3 bad attacks which has resulted in either a 99 call or being rushed to the GP their and then for the GP just to say well their is no sign of the asthma no so he is fine and you did everything right. The last attack we was told to up his clenil from 1 puff twice a day to 2 puffs twice a day for 7 days then take it back down again but we haven't moved him back down again yet but we are going to move make that move back down tomorrow and see what happens. If his asthma goes down again then to my knowledge that shows that he needs a strong dose on the clenil or the salmeterol back in his treatment plan. Oh it looks like I have one of the bad doctors that wants to treat everyone the same even though everyone is different as we are all unqui individuals the only thing we have in common is asthma


Hi Asthma Family,I am sorry to hear you are not very well at the moment.

I personally feel that you ought to go A&E as soon as possible as you salbutamol is clearly not relieving your symptoms adequately, it is sunday tomorrow so I don't believe your surgery will be open? The staff in A&E would much rather see someone struggling less at this stage than much worse, so please don't feel you have to wait until you're exhausted, your oxygen sats of 90 yesterday wasn't good and sats in people with asthma don't usually drop that much until they're really struggling to breathe I think,though I understand everyone is different.

Hope you feel better very soon



I also agree with simi, you need to be seen in A+E. We can give you advice but in an emergency situation, which it seems you seem to be in, you really should be seeking medical advice from a doctor not off a forum, we are unable to see you so can not advise properly.

Please please seek apropriate medical help soon you are taking alot of salbutamol with little effect and this in itself is a sign in deteriorating asthma even if you do feel ok.



purely based on my experience only - paramedics are excellent.

if its one thing i've learnt throughout this whole flare ups - dont wait for a gp to come up with the answer - you have to react quickly with anything you think is odd. Call an ambulance and the paramedic can help loads at that moment. When i had a severe attack and the paramedic came round it was 10 mins till everything got checked out and the doc at A&E said it might be worth switching my reliever as the device was not the best to use during an attack (that was a turbohaler). Good way to get a second opinion too!

Plus a good GP with good experience of asthmatics knows what to do and how many inhalers to give.

My new GP gave me a course of antibiotics saying that take them the moment your chest is heavy and your struggling to breathe and a pattern is emerging that is showing a dip in peakflow (so glad i keep that peakflow diary now!) . I started the amoxcycllin this week as i woke up every morning with an asthma attack (as well as the evening attacks) and i have my deep voiced barry white - esq cough back.

Go to A&E and get checked out by the sounds of it you need a good Gp prevent the A&E trips! Plus Paramedics can be really good too.


Paramedics came with a doctor treated and discharged me at home

My hubbie rang 999 and they sent the rapid responce car with a doctor. They gave me another dose on the montekolast and the doctor was happy to allow me to stay at home as long as I do nothing again and if I have another episode to ring 999 again and they will come back and take me straight to A&E. I was shocked they did this but I understand why they did it. A&E was so busy yesterday it was unbelievable so if htey can treat and discharge at home then that seems to be the route they go down. Sats was OK today still up at 98% which was also another reason the doctor said I could stay at home. I am going to get an appointment with a new doctor on Tuesday after speaking ot my friend today she has adviced me that her doctor will more than likely be happy to see me on Tuesday when he is in surgery and he will help me more than it seem the doctor I have at present is. I am goin got see if I can make it to Tuesday without the doctor but if not I know the paramedics will come and help without hesitating. So hopefully on Tuesday I will have a new doctor that is a good doctor for asthma and the new surgery also has a specalist asthma nurse as well which is also much better than my doctors surgery


Hi Asthma family,

I hope you are feeling a bit better today. I have read through your past posts and it seems as though your doctor has kept close tabs on how your asthma is doing. He seems to have increased medication when necessary and has waited to see if the new meds have worked before adding in another. I may be wrong but I believe GP's don't refer to consultants until they have got as far as they can with the treatment they are able to offer.

You said you doctor said to take 10 puffs of Salbutamol 4 hourly (which is the equivelent of a Salbutamol neb) and if you became any worse to go to A&E, he also sent you for a chest xray to rule out an infection. i think this was pretty sound advice. Are you using a spacer with your inhaler, as 10 puffs is not very effective, especially for someone with poor control with any other device.

You have said a few times you have avoided hossie so many times already this year, and have been advised a number of times on these boards to be seen at A&E if you are struggling. It is very easy when you are trying to lead a normal life and run a family to admit when you need help, but there are times you have to put yourself first. I am actually quite suprised with sats of 90% that you were only given 1 neb and then discharged after an hour. I would have expected them to monitor you for longer as it is common practice to admit someone who is not managing on 4 hourly nebs. I am also wondering if you are confused as to what meds they gave you in the neb as I'm pretty sure montelukast (singulair) is not a nebilised medication, perhaps you meant iprotroprium (atrovent).

If you are still struggling, please keep going back to the hospital. They need to see you are not coping. As far as they are aware you have been there and they have made you better. It sounds as though you need to be admitted to get on top of things and also they should give you a follow up appointment to see a consultant on discharge.

My son has been going through a very similar thing over the past few months and he absolutely hates being in hospital so makes out he is better than he is. This is very worring as most asthma deaths can be prevented, and many are due to people not seeking help soon enough. A young girl (15) who I knew from our local hospital died last year as she felt she could manage and didn't tell her mum she was struggling until she was unable to walk and talk. My son is 14 and will stay up all night because he can't breathe, using 10 puffs of ventolin every few hours, then tells me in the morning. I have told him, I don't care if I am asleep, he needs to tell me so I can decide if he needs to go to hospital. I worry so much that when he moves out from home he will take chances with his asthma that he will leave it too late.



If you are still struggling, please go in! Quicker in an Quicker out!

May be a few days stay may be needed to get on top of things!

As others have said, please be careful and stick to your protocol.

I know we don't like to go to A&E ( Says one who popped in for a visit yesterday and escaped 10 hrs later but with a strict protocol to go back!)

Montelukast (Singulair) is a tablet medication that takes a few days / weeks to achieve optimum relief and should not be used for an accute attack. It dampens down the imune system etc.

It was probably as Kool kat suggested Ipatropium or Atrovent neb.

Also, as others have stated, there are lots of meds to try before you get to the stage where nebs are used as a regular thing at home and then, only after a consultant assessment.

It is best to get optimum control on the minimum amout of medication. It is a juggling act and can take a bit to regain control. Please be patient with fiding this control and it may take a bit of time.

Please take care



Thank you both. i am sure the doctor said montekolast but I could of mis-heard her as I was to busy concentrating on my breathing. I was in A&E for a total of 3 hours which I should of made more clear in the origininal post (Sorry about that). Today seems a better. Lat night was horrid. We have a thunder and lightning storm and the air was so hummid and close I spent most of the night awake sat at my back door with it open to get the cool air. I noticed as well that being sat in a cool almost cold air seems to be helping. Not sure why but if it helps so be it. Only 1 more day to go then back at doctors for my next review. I will speak to them about other meds they can try but if I don't get anywhere then enough is enough an transfer will be made Tuesday to a new GP. I feel 6 months is long enough to mess about someones health and like you have all said and yes I am listening and taking it all on board it can take along time to get control again but going from perfect control to no control and having the asthma ruling my life in 6 months is just over-board. My son Ryan sat with me last night watching T.V and all I keeped hearing was ""Mummy you sure you OK your not sounding good maybe you should take some more of your inhaler"" But on the up-side he is taking his asthma a lot more seriously which is great as he is no longer a shamed to go over and graps his areo-chamber and take his inhaler when his chest starts feeling tight and because of this he is treating his attacks on the first sign which is reducing down the amount of times he is having to use his inhaler to get out of an attack. He doesn't even say anymore my chest is hurting should I take my inhaler he just does it and doesn't care if anyone asks questions or looks at him funny


i had a year and a half wasted - while my condition deteriorated

i agree with you i wasted a year going to one laid back gp and in the meantime my asthma was deteriorating drastically.

your the best judge to the service your getting from your GP and keep going back the second gp i went to kept going down the preds route where as the this new one is thinking for a long term fix and not the every other month preds boost.

I remeber being in a similar situation to you a good few people here said go in to the gp really prepared and with all your meds and the dosage and a peakflow chart and list of all the symptoms you have, at first i thought this may go down a bit over the top with my doctor but when i did go in prepared the new (the only one i now see) doctor got a really good picture in what happens day to day and then decided to move up to step 4.

You have to try and show whats been happening very clearly as some doctors dont take it seriously even though asthma as a condition is very serious! Its sad but true.


I can really sympathize with how you are feeling as we have had a similar story in our household. Although my son has had bad asthma since he was about 8, he was able to partipate in sports and infact played at a national level. He trained an average of 15 hours a week. He was unwell about every 6 weeks, but with Pred and a nebs he picked up in about 3-5 days and was well for most of the time inbetween. He had a lung function of over 100% when he was well.

A few years ago he had a chest infection at Christmas and it all spiralled out of control. We were fortunate that he was already under a specialist at our local hospital and also under the Royal Brompton Hospital in London. He went through their difficult asthma protocol, where lung function was done, exhaled nitric oxygen was taken, a home visit was done to make sure we had done everything possible to our home to help him (laminate flooring, matress covers, no pets, no cuddly toys on bed etc). He was then booked in for a bronchoscopy (to have a look inside his lungs) and a PH study to check for reflux. One thing they want to make sure is that you do actually have asthma and not another condition which will not respond to asthma meds. He then had a long acting steroid injection to see whether he responds to steroids.

Even with all these investigations and being under one of the best teams in the country it has still been a case of trial and error with his meds. We have spent months trialling different medications only to see no improvement but having to wait till the end of the trial period before we can move on. He has had to undergo treatments which were very new, and was infact only the 2nd paediatric patient at the Brompton to try Xolair. We spent 16 weeks trailling this only to be told at the end he was on the wrong dose and would have to start again to give it a fair trail. So 8 months was spent before we could move on. He also tried IVIG which consisted of intravenous medication over 14 hours as an inpatient once every 4 weeks. This also had no effect. He tried Azithromycin tablets for 3 months - no joy. He spent 3 weeks in hospital having a trial of subcutaneous Bricanyl, where Bricanyl is slowly injected under the skin. He didn't respond to this either. He has also tried steroid sparing agents to cut down on his use of Pred but had side effects to the 2 he tried and had to stop.

It is very easy to become despondant over time when you feel nothing is working. It is also easy to feel as though you are a guinea pig, trialling meds all the time. I had high hopes for the Xolair and really had expected it to work. I have gone through periods of thinking my son can't have asthma because nothing is working for him, and start questioning if he should be on such high doses of medication.

He currently takes

Ventolin 10 puffs when needed

Symbicort 400/12 (steroid and long acting releiver) 2 puffs, 3 times a day

Azithromycin 500mg (once a day antibiotic)

Oxis 12 (long acting releiver) 2 puffs, twice a day

Cetirizine (antihistamine) once a day

Piriton (antihistamine) when needed

Prednisolone 40mg daily (have not been able to reduce lowere than 20mg over the past 2 years)

Omeprazole (for refulx) twice a day

Domperidone (for reflux) 3 times a day

plus 3 months of long acting steroid injections

despite this he has had 4 admissions this year and countless A&E attendances, doctors appointments and hospital reveiws.

What I am trying to say is, it really does take time to find what works. It is very frustrating and can interfere considerably with everyday life. Talk to your doctor when you see them tomorrow, ask about a referral and tell him how you feel. Write things down before you go if it helps. Sometimes it does help to have someone different looking at your situation, but I do not feel from what you say your GP has done anything wrong. You have action plans to follow, he reviews you regularly, he has set up so you can book emergency appointments if you need them and has advised you to seek emergency help. You have said you are allergic to Flixotide and Atrovent, so the only other inhaler I can think of for you to try would be Symbicort - this is a mixture of Pulmicort ( a steroid) and Oxis ( a long acting releiver). A friend of mine switched from Seratide to this and her asthma has been far more controlled. She feels it may in part be due to the delivery device. She was never advised to use a spacer with her inhaler so was just squirting it into her mouth. She finds the Symbicort turbohaler much easier to use and says it gets where it's meant to be. Perhaps it might be worth asking if you could try this.

Good luck - I hope you get the answers you are looking for.


Don't know what to do

So I went back to my GP this morning and he has changed my meds again. He informed me that these new meds are the last things he can give me that he is licenced to prescribe so if they don't work then a referal will be done this Friday. He is only giving the meds 4 days to start working. So he has taken me off the clenil and Serevent and put me on Seretide. He wants to watch me very closely because of this having a drug in that I reacted badly too as an individual but that was years ago so is hoping I react better this time around. He has given me 250+50 seretide 2 pufs twice a day so I take it if I was on the 2 inhalers as seperates it would be 2X250mg flixotide and 2X25mg Serevent. (please tell me if this wrong as I am very confused what the combined inhaler is) he has also given me more Singulair and beconase nasel spray as my left sinuse is inflammed. Will 4 days be enough om these meds for them to start taking effect enough. He wasn't very nice today either when I told him that the consultant at the hospital told me to request I get referad to a specialist as 6 months is long eneough for a GP to deal with the issue. He said ""Well that's what you wanted in the first place isn't it?"" I told him at this present moment in time I give up and can't be bothered anymore all I want is to get my life back as 6 months of hell is long enough and I broke down in tires. I can't believe he made me cry I never cry. So I am going to wait unti lFriday and see if anything doe schange and if not hopefully he will finally deal with the referal much to his discust. If not new GP is on order just have to wait until next week for an appointment as the GP I have been recommended is off at the moment for family berevment



Yes, your combo inhaler is Serevent and long acting bronchodilator and flixotide - a steroid.

As you have been on Serevent already, that component works when you take it and lasts for 12 hrs.

Flixotide component - steroids can take up to 2 weeks or so to build up in the system and help dampen down the inflamation.

Singulair - can also take up to a couple of weeks to reach its optimum effect.

Have you been put on a short course of oral steroids? I would have thought that would help as a stop gap while the new meds kick in.



don't be sad go for the referal he is right there are tonnes of things that you can try that he isn't allowed to be prescribing. don't let your stress levels get too high as this may trigger another attack. what he gave you is similar to what i am currently on and it works for me. take care


Kate I have know been taking Singulair for 2 days away from 4 weeks. He was going to stop them and then decided to keep them and add them to my repeat. Today is my last day on the 7 day course of oral steriods and he said to take the last dose. Which I will be doing later on.


hi i just wanted to say don't hesitate to call the paramedics if you need to.


I wont be even if it means I have them to me everyday. I am going to start thinking abut myself and not panic about my kids. I need to get my health sorted so I can go back to being the mother my kids need. They need a mother who can care, love and play with them without having to use my inhaler every 10 minutes and a mother who can laugh with out sounding like muttly off dastidly and muttley which scares them


AF- good luck with the new meds and getting that review, I'd go for it anyway.

Kate said something about flixotide taking a while to build up, yes thats true but you have the residue from the clenil in your system so they should balance each other out, my asthma nurse told me that. On the upside, flixotide should be more effective, having smaller particles than clenil it'll go lower into the smaller airways of the lungs.


Woody-som thank you for that info about the cross over with the clenil and flixotide. Hopefully I will be better off with this new inahler but only time will tell I guess. One day at time still and one day I will get my life and have full-control again I must keep reminding myself that


Have a look at the nhs choices website. spent my weekend reading up on all the information on that website its the best way to do it. are you still going to the new gp tomorrow?


AF - I noticed that you said you were going to take your last dose of oral steroids later on, when you posted about 2:30pm. It's usual to take oral steroids first thing in the morning for optimum effect (and fits with what the body would naturally produce). Have you been told something different?


No because the new GP is off at the moment due to family berevment so I am just going to see what happens with the new meds and gather more evidence for Friday when I have my next follow-up appointment and see what happens then

Ratty I haven't been anything about when is best to take the oral steriods. All I have ever been told is to take the prescribed dosage once a day every 24 hours. Will keep this in mind for when I never have to take oral steriods and for when my son is on them as well. This could explain why I haven't felt the benefit of them this time around


Thank you Confused

Thank you confused for the webiste you messaged me and I was and still am very amazed to see that from the website my GP is not on the list of doctors that has an asthma clinic which could also explain why he is like is and is always checking his medication book for details about asthma meds and meds you can or cannot take with asthma. The website opened my eyes so much and the doctor my friends have been recommend me to is on the list so will be sorting out getting an appointment with him ASAP once he is back.

Also their must be something in the air. I had to call 999 last night but not for me, for my son Ryan as he had a really bad attack that got himto point where he was fighting to stay a wake and the corner of his mouth was turning purple. The paramedic came took one look at him and gave him salmeterol and another nebule starting with an I but I can't remember what it was called will have to check the discharge paper as the nebuliser worked and he was back to normal after it. Jusy said to keep a close on him for the next few days and if he continues to have issues then go to our doctor


pleasure. your welcome.

It must be all the pollen. honestly from my flare ups i've learnt that each doctor has an area of expertise. pick a practice that has a wide selection of doctor's this way you can change the doctor and not the practice. i spent a long time with a doctor like that who did make my condition a lot worse.

good luck


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