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Names of inhalers you are taking?

OK so today I took my son, Ryan to the doctors for a check up and they changed his inhalers. They have changed his blue spray inhaler to an inhaler that is white with a blue push button on th top and it is a dry powder. This inhaler is called Asmasal clickhaler. He is also on a brown inhaler called clenil modulite which is a spray and a green inhaler called serevent accuhaler which is a dry powder.

I was wondering what other inhalers they are out there as I want to make sure my inhaler cases are suitable for all the different style inhalers.

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Hi AsthmaFamily,

My reliever medication is Bricanyl Turbohaler which is a dry powder inhaler.

It would be great to have inhaler cases that would hold that type of inhaler

Good luck with the development of different inhaler cases

Edit.. The other inhalers I am on are Flixotide 250, Seretide 250, Atrovent


There are quite a few designs.

Standard MDI (Normal ventolin, clenil etc.)

Turbohaler (Bricanyl, symbicrot)

Easy-breathe (salamol, qvar)

Click-haler (bricanyl)

Autohaler (salamol)




normal ventolin and salbutomol

clenil modulite 100

meg :) x


easyhaler -a dry powder one that does not fit a spacer


i use symbicort and salbutamol with spacers. think my mother has had the one your son has been given.


you know what would be good for me- a case that holds my inhaler as well as the spacer cos i tend to leave it in and sometimes it comes apart in my bag which has lead to me on a couple occassions inhaling bits of tissue and dust(not good i can tell you)


Here's some more inhaler devices, some of these are a bit obscure!

*Diskhalers (Becodisks) dry powder in a disk of blisters

*Cyclohalers dry powder in capsules (Budesonide cyclocaps)

*Handihalers (Spiriva) again uses little capsules which is very fiddly so i can't think of an inhaler that's less handy so the name isn't exactly appropriate They're used more in COPD treatment then asthma though

*Aerohaler (Atrovent) dry powder in capsules again, also used more in COPD than asthma

*Novolizer (Budelin) another dry powder inhaler

*Twisthaler (Asmanex) dry powder similar to a turbohaler

*Respimat (Spiriva) an aerosol that released the dose slower than a normal MDI again more of a COPD thing


Jay 39 if you take a look at inhalercases.co.uk you will see one of my bags I have made. I have another picture to add to the site. It is a bum-bag style bag that has a removable clip strap as th bag has belt loops on the back so could be very easily attached to a normal belt and then covered by your normal clothing

Asthma girl I am pleased to say that all 2 of my son's inhalers fit nicely in the cases I have already. Going to find out if there is anyway I can find some of the other inhalers as dummies though that I can keep in my inhalercases business bag.



I take:

Ciclesonide MDI - steroid inhaler that doesn't fit a spacer too well, v. annoying!

Salbutamol MDI and Accuhaler

Oxis turbohaler

Spiriva ""Handihaler""

(plus tablets, nasal sprays, nebs etc)

would love a case for the turbohaler and accuhaler as they look so unusual and the accuhaler is quite bulky.


New inhaler cases design sorted. All I needed to do was add a side panel to the old cases and the accuhaler fits brilliantly. Just bought new fabric and new week getting more fabric. The new fabric I have is black with Chineses style dragons and next week I am going to get fabric that is orange flamed and black with white musical notes not sure if I am going to add anything to these fabrics or just leave them as they are as the design on the fabric is lovely and I feel in love with them which is good for me as I am very funny to please when it comes down to designs already on fabric


A new case has been added to the website if anyone is interested also a picture has been added to the about us page of my son wearing his inhaler case for his clickhaler. His accuhaler also fits in the case lovely


I used to use the asmasal click too. It wasn't very good if it was humid and you can't keep it near water but otherwise it was easier to get the stuff to the lungs :)


I take fostair

or clenil if im more stable

and salbutamol.

so i guess just standard shapes really:)

I like fostair cos its pink and it works :)

does cost the lovely nhs £29 a go though *feels bad*


There is also tilade and intal..... sodium crom based ones


Ryan is no longer on the clenil modulite he is now on Becodisk. Another dry powder and he loves the dry powder inhalers as he has a new found indepenents as he no longer needs his spacer unless it is for the rescue dose which has to be done with a spray inhaler and spacer. W are know 2 weeks into the new treatment plan with the serevent added on tot he medication and we are now on day 8 of no night cough, no coughing or shortness of breath dueing the day and day 10 of no complaining of pain in the diaphram or rib cage.

I have 1 happy very imprssend little boy the only thing is I was told he is showing signs of depression but the doctor didn't want to put him on the happy pills as he felt once he was back at school today that would help him but if not he will be referred to see if alternative theraphy works for him just as goo as it does me then no happy pills will be needed. He had a right mood on him Tuesday and had a right go at the doctor and shouted ""Why can't you get rid of the bloody asthma I have had enough of it, I want to be normal boy instead of having to make sure I have this thing with me all the time. I'm sick of it I just want to be normal for a little bit"" The doctor resurred him by telling ""once we have your asthma back to tip top controlled then you will be a normal boy again and one day you will be able to go out without panicing about not having your inhaler as you will know that you can go across the road to the park and play with your friends and not need to use the inhaler. But for know mummy and daddy need to make sure you have the inhaler with you if not for you but for their piece of mind. Mummies and daddies panic over the sillyist little things Ryan that's all."" I think thsi was so sweet and I am confindent we have finally found a doctor that is right for us


Crazybaby - the Ciclesonide MDI fits into the Aero Chamber and Able Spacer (like a small Volumatic) spacers if you need a spacer for it. I use both - normally the aerochamber, but I love the Able Spacer (you can get one from the GP) as it allows for tidal breathing but is not as bulky as the Volumatic. Hope that helps.


i have had so many medicines since i was a baby that lost count, i am currently on 3 meds but they are under review and hoping to change or to add to it on tuesday as asthma is bad

seretide 250 micrograms




Im on Salbutamol easyhaler.sertide.spirvia.singulair.slophyllin and carbocsistine. X


i'm on salamol easi breath and seretide


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