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Xolair and blood donation

Does anyone know if you are allowed to give blood whilst receiving Xolair therapy? I have been off pred for two weeks now (bit of a record for me this year) so I was going to donate next week as the blood van will be at work. I asked my consultant about it but he doesn't know if you can or not and when I asked the blood centre they seemed confused too. I am keen to as O negative and so I am always in demand and my sister received multiple transfusions earlier in the year so would be good to help replenish supplies.

I have given blood before in the past (although generally either on pred or been in a malarial zone) but not since starting Xolair.

Thanks, Sarah

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It's an interesting question. I'm on Pred and Xolair at the moment (and lots of other stuff too!). I've always wondered about giving blood. I def. can't at the moment as one of my meds is an antibiotic, but I don't know about just Xolair. On the blood giving website it talks though who can't give blood and at the bottom is a query form so you could fill that in and they would be able to tell you if you can or not.



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