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Asthma and Whooping Cough .... Issues

I have had/still got whooping cough which was confirmed 4 months ago, although the infection has gone the remainance of the cough is causing havoc with my asthma and now to top it off i have a cold too :( having a pretty rough time, i have been told by my doctors the whooping cough has caused some scarring to my lungs which will hopefully settle over time. i am currently on a course of steriods in hope that this will help but wondered if anyone knows of anything that can help to settle things?



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Hi Hannah, Have just seen your post about whooping cough. I had it as a youngster and had the cough for quite a long time I remember. Is it the cough that is specifically troubling you? if so, have you tried a cough linctus? Pholcodine is good and you can buy it over the counter, that helped a lot with my son's bad cough. Good luck and I hope things improve for you soon. xx



thanks for replying, i have been prescribed a codine linctus which i have had since the whooping cough was diagnosed. It does help but i save it for when i have had a baad night sleeping because it makes me super drowzy and miserable. I have since found out that i have scarring on my lungs from the whooping cough which is why my asthma has been so heavily affected, its like started from scratch with trying different inhalers and finding the one that settles me again. fingers crossed :) x


Oh no nightmare!! Hope you get it sorted out soon xxx


Hi Hannah, That sounds nasty, sorry to hear it. I didnt know whooping cough could have that effect. Keep going back to your GP if things dont improve, there are different inhalers and various combinations of drugs that can be tried, and as you say, it's a matter of finding what helps you best.

Son and I are on Seretide, after we'd both tried various inhalers, and it works very well for us. When my son's dose was increased in the spring, we noticed a definite improvement. So just keep plugging away. Good luck! xxx


i am on seretide 250 at the moment, i have been on it before and it didnt work so well but i have the accuhaler this time as i dont get on with the propelled inhalers :) i have only been on it for 2 days and there appears to be improvement already, peak flow was 280 all last week now im up to 380 :) im back to the drs for a check up next week so will see what they say then ...... fingers crossed x


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