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Aminophylline infusion

I'm currently on a continuous aminophylline infusion in anattempt to stabilise my chest so that I can have lung surgery at the weekend.

However, I'm being driven mad by the vast gaps between one bag finishing at the next one being hung. Despite being on a specialist respiratory ward in a tertiary referral centre, I have so far waited two hours, abd counting, for the new bag.

Am I just being over-sensitive? My chest is certainly starting to tighten it that could just be grumpiness! I know wards are busy, but I don't understand why these things need take so long. How long do you think is reasonable? How long before your chest notices the infusion has stopped?

With thanks. X

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I can't answer any questions on aminophylline infustion. But just share an experience. I was experiencing very bad asthma flares whilst in hospital and needed magnesium ivs etc and the nurses failed to put it up due not finding a drip stand and being busy.

The Doctor made his rounds and I was really breathless. He asked if I had been given my meds so I told him what occurred.He subsquently went down to resus and had the magnesium draw up. The nurses from then on had no trouble sorting me out. So Speak to your doctors.

Good luck and get better soon.



it never takes my chest long to get grumpy when on aminophlline infusion if it has run out and awaiting new bag all i can say is keep pushing prob normally is is that it has to be made up in pharmacy and then get up to the ward and then you have to get staff to come and put it up. just keep reminging and asking if it has come yet


I calculate personally when it will run out, then make sure the staff are aware at least 2 hrs before so it can be made up well in advance.

I can manage an hr off, but with IV ventolin, it is 30 mins!


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