When to take Singulair/Montelukast?

Hi there,

Following a bad flare up in August due to hay-fever then a really bad chest infection 3 weeks ago I've been struggling badly with my chest.

I saw the respiratory nurse on Friday and she was extremely concerned by the state I was in and insisted I see one of the GP's to rule out a recurrence of the infection while I was there. I'm now on a combined inhaler (seretide) and have been given Singulair to take. The GP ruled out an infection but was worried enough about my chest to give me 5 days of steroids as well.

Now the steroids I'm ok with I've taken them before so I am taking them after breakfast. Same with the Seretide inhaler, simple enough instructions 2 puffs morning and night. Its the Singulair I'm confused with. My GP said to take it in the mornings but the instructions say to take them in the evenings.

Anyone else taking them who can answer this? I've gone with the instructions in the pack but can't help worry that that's the wrong thing.



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  • Hi,

    I think the instructions to take at night time are to aid night time symptoms. However, I suffered really badly with the nightmares so I now take it on a morning - still helps the asthma but no longer nasty side effects!

    Hope this helps.

  • I personally take at night and at most hospitals i go to give to me at night....But this current hosp im in likes to prescribe for morning time...but yeah personally im a night time taker xx

  • Hmm, not sure whether there's a 'better' time -my GP didn't say what time but I take them in the evening as that's what the leaflet said. I am now on a double dose and it still seems to be fine so can't see any problem with the evenings!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • When I started taking them I took them in the evening and if affected my sleep. I asked the chest physician who said that everyone reacts or not differently so to try taking them in the morning. I have now done so for nearly 4 years and it works for me!

    Judi x

  • My daughter's on Montelukast and takes hers morning and night, it used to be evenings only but her Consultant has recently doubled her dosage which is why she does two lots.

  • Thanks eveyone.

    I'm getting the impression that it doesn't really matter if these tablets are taken in the morning or the evening.

    As my symptoms are usually at their worst late afternoon into the evening (i.e. before I take the Montelukast) would it be better to take this in the morning, or doesn't it matter (as long as I'm not getting odd dreams).



  • Hi Denise,

    I hope the steroids are doing their job. I think with the Montelukast it's about finding a balance that is right for you - I was told to take them at night when I got my first prescription, but it made it really hard for me to sleep, and when I was sleeping I was getting strange dreams. I hated the laying awake at night so started to take them about 5pm - that is around when my asthma starts to dip for the day, so it made sense. Now I don't have issues getting to sleep with them, and thankfully the dreams have stopped too.


  • Thanks everyone.

    I've moved to taking these in the mornings for now as I found I was having trouble going to sleep which I note is a possible side effect, though I haven't had any issues with odd dreams (possibly due to being awake lol).

    I guess it's a case of trial and error to find the best time to take the tablets. Do the tablets take a period of time to 'kick in' or do they gradually build up the protection over a period of weeks like a preventer inhaler?

    My symptoms are usually at their worst from mid-late afternoon through into the evening so maybe I should consider taking the tablet at lunchtime?

    The steroids seem to have helped as I'm spending less of the day trying to cough a lung up but I suspect it will take time for everything to settle down with the new inhaler and meds.

    Thanks everyone for the ongoing support, I really appreciate it :)


  • Hi Denise,

    Hmm, never considered tailoring them to when asthma is worse - I just take them last thing at night but then that is when things are worst so maybe it coincidentally works for me!

    As they aren't steroids you should start to see an effect pretty quickly, though it can take 4-6 weeks to build up to its full strength. I started montelukast on a Friday and noticed a definite improvement on the Monday (and that was on no other medication). It was a similar timescale - maybe a day or two more - after I doubled them following a flare-up.

    Hope you manage to find a time that works for you and they start working soon! For me they are an absolute wonder drug - they don't remove all symptoms but enough to make a significant difference (and they were the first medication to actually work properly for me).

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