Emergency lung units-has anyone heard about these? Similar function to coronary care units

Just wondering as in all places the Daily Mail (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-56695/Lack-care-lung-patients.html) has written about the British Thoracic Society's conference recently.

The headline was ""Lack of care for lung patients"" with regards to a shortage of specialist units. Lung patients are being neglected with priority and funds going to cancer and heart services.

Wonder what was actually said there but haven't found it yet.

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  • Yeah, I've seen a ""Respiratory Care Unit"" on a resp ward, with specialist help for people with serious problems. But in some other hospitals, I haven't seen one.

  • My local has a dedictaed resp ward with 2 beds which can be used with the equvalent being to step down on HDU otherwise i guess its just the bog standard ITU/HDU/resp wareds!

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