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Hospital cancellations rant, grrr

Yet again, my local hospital has cancelled an appointment and rebooked it for three weeks later. This was my first respiratory/asthma appt and I'd even rung the secretary to check the consultant's diary was confirmed. Will be an interesting phone call on Monday. The last time I got referred elsewhere (NHS treatment centre) for ENT but can't for this. Had booked another day off, no time allowed for medical appt leave (or even special leave for serious illness etc in the family these days). Ironically, may be off anyway after sinus op. So frustrating.

Anyone got any ideas how to deal with it?

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Grrrrr I feel your frustration! Bad enough having to wait for ages without them doing this!

Not sure if I have any advice, except that you could defo ring and ask if they can tell you why it's been postponed. If the cons is actually there but they've decided to move you to a different clinic then point out that you've already booked a day off and if you would struggle to wait another 3 weeks say so and maybe ask if they can get you in any sooner if it really can't be that date (maybe remind her that she said yes, defo booked!)

Re the work - is it not possible to cancel that day off and rebook when you know, or is it awkward? And others might know more about this but surely they have to allow you reasonable time off for medical appts without taking your annual or sick leave - I used to book half days off for them and then was told I shouldn't have to. So worth checking and seeing if work are being unreasonable? I had an idea time off for this sort of thing was the law and not all down to your employer.

Sometimes the NHS really seems to have NO regard for the fact people work/have a life etc.


Thanks Philomena,

I am phoning Monday to ask esp. as the secretary already said it was ok i.e. consultant diary was confirmed. I have asked before about being fitted in earlier and so did asthma nurse and no luck even though I work on the same site. Don't know about time off for appts being the law. I could cancel the day off but rebooking it is difficult hence why I said ironically off anyway after sinus operation.

I work in the NHS and there is little or no regard for fitting appts around work/life etc in this trust at least. Don't get paid overtime and have to use annual leave or time in lieu. Special leave is unpaid and may not even be allowed e.g. for family illness etc unless spouse or parents actually die. Beginning to go right off this job :(


I have long ago accepted that every or nearly every hospital appointment I get given will be postponed. 9 times out of 10 I am right! And guess what on Friday got a letter saying Dear ........ due to unforseen circumstances................your appointment as be rescheduled for...........

Never did get the bit unforeseen circumstances, because if they are unforeseen surely they wouldn't be able to cancel my appointments because they wouldn't know about them?


Wow, NHS sounds like lovely place to work! No wonder you're getting fed up with it as they seem to be messing you around from all angles!

No idea what the law actually is on this one, just had an idea that some things they have to let you have and this might be one of them - but really not sure so you'd have to check which you're probably doing anyway (or maybe my employers just have been a bit more reasonable and I didn't read the handbook properly - they just said 'make up the time'). I know they have to allow employees time off for pregnancy appts but not sure about others.

Best of luck with it, really hope you do manage to give them a bit of a kick and get things going. Even worse that it's a first appt - I had one moved twice once but at least it wasn't my first!


Most of my son's appointments with consultant get altered, either brought forward or backward. I have come to expect it but it is still annoying as I have to juggle work and other things.


wish i knew how to deal with this other than grin and bare it as this happens all of the time with my resp appointments x


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