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flu vaccination in pregnancy?

Hi, I was just curious as to why my asthma nurse told me that I wasn't eligable for a flu vaccination due to being pregnant however information that I have found on the internet suggests that I should still have got my flu vaccination? I'm not going to argue with her over it, I was just curious as to the reasons for it and wondered if anyone on here knew?

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Most medical decisions are based on risk-vs-benefit and the situation here is no different.

No ""live"" vaccine should given to a pregnant women due to the risk of causing damage to the baby. However, the influenza vaccine is an inactive vaccine, so this does not apply. It is recommended that pregnant women should not received 'flu vaccine which contains an excipient (ingredient) called thiomersal, which is contained in a number of brands. Looking through the list, some brands also contain antibacterials such as polymixin B or neomycin, which could have implications for pregnant ladies also.

Other contra-indications to having the vaccine would be allergy to any of the ingredients. As most types of 'flu vaccine are cultured on egg, this includes any history of allergy to egg.

A pregnant woman *may* receive the 'flu vaccine if it is felt that the benefit of her having it outweighs any risk, but it is recommended that she receive a thiomersal-free vaccine.

Hope that makes it as clear as mud :)



Hi, I'm glad someone has brought this topic up!! I got my flu vaccination a couple of weeks ago and while I was at the healthy centre to get it, the nurse was telling me that they wanted me to go back to get a pneumococcal vaccine using Pneumovax II. Altho I'm not pregnant, my partner and I are trying to conceive and will be undergoing fertility treatment soon. I just wondered if anyone could tell me if there are any risks with this vaccine that could hinder a pregnancy


Thanks very much for the reply. Yeah seems to (kinda) make sense now haha.


P.S Good luck with trying to concieve Lanibob, hope everything goes well for you.


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