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Just had a bit of a fright

Bit of a longish story

Got sent to A&E from work 2 weeks ago 5th Jan and saw GP on the thursday with a bad chest infection. Was a ctually turning a slightly blue colour in work and couldnt breathe and was choking with coughing. Had to phone docs on Friday again as although i wasnt coughing stuff up anymore or coughing as much i still had severe pain. They prescribed 30mg codeiene tablets.

Finished antibitoics and steroids now but I just tried to take my peakflow and went into a coughing fit as i started coughing stuff up again last night. I actually fell to the ground with the pain in my sides and back and had to crawl to my bed to grab my inhaler. I have taken my reliever and some painkillers which has calmed it down a decent bit. If it wasnt sat night I would probably just go to A&E but i know id be waiting hours in our local hospital on a Sat night esp now my breathing and pain has calmed down a bit.

Is this kind of pain normal as after pain of infection sometimes? I do get a lot of infections but not usually this bad afterit has cleared so im thinking its come back just as it was going away.

I kow nobody can really give medical advice i just felt like writing this down cos i did get a bit of a fright and i will either go to hospital 2morrow or my Gp on Monday if its bareable until then

thnks for reading

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Pam please seek medical advice.....don't risk it.




Gosh, you poor, poor love. How absolutely awful. You must have been terrified.

Quite simply, no-one can give you medical advice. Have just written two messages for you and deleted them both as they probably breach the terms and conditions of the forum.

""Asthma UK's forums are for debate and discussion. Especially, they are not a suitable place to obtain medical advice in an emergency. If you feel unwell or need advice in an emergency situation, help should be obtained from one of the following sources:

Your local GP service - either your surgery, or, if closed, the local out-of-hours centre; some regions also have NHS Walk-In Centres

NHS Direct - a nurse-led advice line which can provide medical advice, or call an ambulance if needed - telephone 0845 46 47

Dialling 999 for an emergency ambulance, or by going to your local Accident & Emergency department.""

Need I say more?! I think you need to talk to someone immediately about your symptoms. I don't think that's breaking the rules is it?? I hope not. Especially as the coughing is causing so much pain that you couldn't mobilise.

please let us know how you get on. lxxx


Take care of yourself tonight PamPam and get some medical advice.


any reasonable a and e would fast track you if you tell them your asthmatic so if you need to go go don't wait and worry about sitting for ages they would rather you go before you get bad.


Its calmed down enough to wait until morning and i will phone NHS 24 which is the scottish version of NHS direct

Katharine when i went to a&e 2 weeks ago initially i waited almost 2 hours despite stating i was asthmatic and had severe chest pain and was actually turning a slightly blue colour, while people with sore fingers were taken before me


I had a bad chest infection before Christmas that flared up again 2 wks ago. It has left me with pain under my ribcage and around my back - strained muscles, by all account, by some people cough so hard that they crack ribs!


Went to the Gp today and got another 7 days of antibitoics

He said my chest doesnt sound TOO bad but obv still an infection and my sinuses seem to be a bit infected also so hopefully this lot of antibiotics will be enough to get me sorted!

Just feel like docs dont care that mcuh though to be honest and dont understand how bad i feel


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