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Got suspected swine flu

Felt a bit off on wed then really ill yest. Doc said its def flu and cant rule out that its swine flu so my mum is now on her way to pick up my tamiflu and antibiotics.

feel bad obv but doc said ill probs get worse before better and to phone NHS if my breathing worsens over weekend.

Typical of me to perhaps get it just as vaccine comes out.

Will i still receive the vaccine?

Might not be on here for a bit for replies as my arms are very sore but i forgot to ask the doc this question

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hi pampam

You shouldn't need the vaccine as if you really have got swine flu then your body will already have some immunity to it once you are better etc.

All the vaccine does is give you a small amount of dead or inactive virus for you immune system to react to and develop antibodies to etc. Obviously if you have already had the virus this will have triggered your bodies natural production of antibodies etc and therefore there would be no need to have a vaccine.

Hope it helps. Get better soon. Lv kat Xx


However- If your flu isn't confirmed to be swine flu with swabs- you may be better off having the vaccine, just to be completely sure.


Sorry to hear you're not well, Pam Pam. Rotten luck if it is swine flu just as the supplies of jab are coming in. Crossed fingers on it not being swine flu but if it is, you can give another first hand account of what its like. Suspect probably a bit grot.

Best wishes anyway and plenty of e-hugs winging their way to you.

GM xxooxx


sorry to here you are not well and could have the nasty swine flu.

Rest up as much as you can and hope the tamiflu helps you and hope your asthma stays stable xxx


Had to get online to pay a bill so thought I'd let folks know that although I feel rotton and basically flu like I'm not getting too much worse (dont know if this may be due to the tamiflu and catching it fast)

Feel more or less same as normal flu except pain in lungs is a good bit worse and a more intense sore throat.

Doc said I def have flu and she could not rule out swine flu with all thats going on and basically they have to suspect swine flu and treat it as such, esp because im an at risk group. They are not doing swab tests here anymore as there are too many cases so I will still have the vaccine if offered incase its seasonal flu ive got

thanks for the good wishes


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