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Yet another chest infection

I am so sick of constant chest infections. Had to leave work early yesterday to go to Gp as I haven't been feeling well for a week and was honestly ready to drop yesterday. Yet another chest infection, soemthing I now seem to get constantly after having pneumonia 2 years ago. Have been given more antibiotics and a course of steroids.

I start to worry that one day I am going to become immune to antibiotcs. Does this kind of thing often or at all cause immunity to antibiotcs and if so what happens when you get more infections?

Sorry this is a bit of a ranty post but I am so frustrated. I know this is me now going to be like this all winter and am just glad that this site is here as sometimes I feel so alone and like nobody understands. It's just like ""oh shes ill again

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If you can recognise the different symptoms between a viral and a bacterial chest infection ask your GP for a course of anti-biotics to keep at home (anti-biotics only work on a bacterial infection), that way you can start taking them earlier and you won't have to take as many - making your body less likely to develop a resistance to the anti-biotics you take. As I suffer numerous chest infections my GP has a seven day supply of Cefalexin on my repeat prescription, and I self medicate. This way, when I catch the infection early (my PF gives me the information required for this), I usually only need to take the Cefalexin for two or three days to clear the problem. In the past, when I used to have to wait until I saw my GP, it would take, at minimum, a fourteen day course to clear my chest.

Secondly, and this is very important, forget what anyone may say about your asthma. Seriously, you'll probably find that the only thing that people are saying is that they are worried about you! Last year, 2008, I only got out of the house nine times, mostly to medical appointments; this year, so far, due to more medication I'm approaching my twentieth outing; and when I meet friends and neighbours they are always pleased to see me, and all ask after my health - because they care.

Finally, you are never alone! You have a multitude of friends here, at all hours of the day and night, who fully understand what you are going through. So just have a good old rant and bend an ear or three. ;oD

Kindest regards,



Sorry to here you are not to good,life sucks,asthma pops up and gets us big time.If your GP gives you antibiotics see if you can have somthing that will loosen any rubish on you chest.

Even try honey and lemon,it wont help asthma but will help keep you from coughing and more inflamation that you dont want.

Put something under you bed to lift the head up a bit,its better than a extra pillow so you wont get a stiff neck.Hope you settle down soon,try stay relaxed.Lots of love coming your way,Love Glynis xxxxxx


Thanks for both replies, its good to know that people dont mind the odd rant :D

Feeling a little bit better this morning as far as the tightness and breathlessness goes, think the steroids have opened up my airways a bit already. I dont think I would trust myself to decide when to take the antibiotics as I had a very bad virus before that wasn't bacterial. I always prefer to get my chest listened to as sometimes I only require the steroids. When I do feel bad though I just always say I need in as an emergency appointment and I do get in that day.

Still really tired though so glad it is a public holiday up here tomorrow :D

Thanks again for the replies and understanding, glad im not alone! I know very few people with asthma and the couple i do know never seem to get these problems so its good to have somewhere where people know exactly what im talking about


Sorry you're poorly, I know how tired and down chest infections can make you feel both physically and then mentally. Hopefully you're continuing to get better.

I'm told they're developing new antibiotics all the time so I wouldn't worry too much about getting immune to them, maybe ask your GP if it's worth changing in future?

I've been on the receiving end of 'You're always ill' as though it's my fault! (I'm not ill ALL the time, follow medical advice, eat well, go to gym etc). With most folk it's simply lack of awareness and having a good chat and telling them the facts changes their attitude. Others are just like that and quite frankly I've learnt they're not worth dealing with.

I had a 'return to work meeting' on Monday and got asked if my asthma was proven and not just panic!!! (Do they think I've manufactured my doc, occ health and hospital notes?!)

But I've realised these people are in the minority, many will be concerned, listen and help me out. In turn, I focus my time and energy on these people when they need a helping hand.


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