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First proper attack in years

I get a lot of problems, esp in winter, with my asthma being badly irritated and get a lot of pain at my lungs but yesterday I took my first actual asthma attack in a long long time. I hadn't felt completely right for a few days and as I got to the train station for work I could not get a breath, felt really dizzy, tight and saw black spots in front of my eyes. Honestly thought I was going to pass out. Kept taking my inhaler all the way to work and it finally eased enough to be able to just go to work but I had bad chest pain and pain at my lungs and breathlessness all day and still feel sore and breathless today.

I do not know how people who take proper attacks all the time cope. I think I found it quite scary as it usually does not happen to me. I feel like my asthma has gone down hill for the past 2 years and got gradually worse, ever since I had pneumonia. Just wondering if having something such as pneumonia can make your asthma permanently worse

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make sure you get to see your GP to see if you need anything else.yes had quite a few latley have 1or 2 asthma attacks every week and scary,but my docs gave me another add on inhayler.I was told in hospital you can get a bit of scaring and other probs from illnesses and like me years ago was a caster and sponger on a pottery and around alot of dust that also could be a factor.My best advise would be please go for a checkup and do your PF meter xxx


Luckily I already actually made an appointment with both my asthma nurse and GP for tomorrow afternoon so I will speak to them both about it. Just hope it doesn't turn out i've got yet another chest infection!


It seems to have been some year for it! I have had asthma for 33 years, which troubled me as a kid with numerous hospital visits, but gradually improved from about 12 years old. Until August last year! Out of the blue, I had a severe attack and ended up in hospital. I had another in February and got rushed into A & E and admitted. I seemed to have got pneumonia around then which complicated it. I then had another attack 2 nights ago which have me on corticosteroids AGAIN!!

When I'm fine, I can go for weeks without having to take my blue inhaler although I'm religious about taking the pink one.

I'm baffled why it has suddenly hit me, like you PamPam, without warning!


The best advice would be to go to your GP, and seek help, I've always been told to go within 24hrs of having an attack, like you they are very rare, so is usually an indication that something is wrong.

May be you need a different strength steroid. Don't know for sure on the pneumonia having a permanent effect, but also see no reason why not, it could leave your lungs and or immune system weakened.


Sula - Makes me wonder if maybe the recent weather is having an impact on people's asthma if others are suddenly having big problems too. When i visit the GP with any problems there are usually a few other people there at the same time with the same!

Woody - They have never been sure if the scars that the pneumonia left ever cleared as everytime I started to get better I's start coughing again with either asthma and/or another infection.

I am half day at work tomorrow and going straight to the doctor and nurse in afternoon. Never looked forward to a Gp appointment in my life!


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