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Had an Asthma attack, been to hospital whats the next step?

Hi all, i had quite a bad asthma attack yesterday, and it ended going on for about 6 hours or more! I gave myself quite a scare! Anyway it was so bad that i decided to go to my local A&E. My neighbour took me as my dad was at work, but she didnt have a clue about astma, so lucky i had my asthma medicine card, and what to do in an asthma attack card! She got me up there at 12.00, and we had to wait 15 mins to be seen by triage, but from then on they were quite good! after having peak flow and a load of other tests i was wheeled straight to a doctor, were they just gave me 8 Pred tablets and then a Neb. It hadnt cleared and 9 later i was feeling a little better! I had gone up to xray for a chest xray, luckily it came back quite clear! yippe! And then was back on 100% oxygen with doctors baffeled why i wasnt completly stable, (well after 9 nebs, and 8 pred! i was well scared!) After being taken to a childrens ward (for somereason i was in a highly contagious room!) My breathing had deteriorated alot more, and i had to have a total of 3 more nebs! And then 100% oxygen, and finally about 10.00 pm i was alot better, my chest was very sore and hurting and i just wanted to go home, so i said i was fine, i was supposed to be staying there over night, but i refused! So i have to pay another visit today! I was wondering as its been such a long time since i was in hospital with an attack, are you supposed to see your gp afterwards? I heard about this somewere! Just wanted to know if you think i should!

Thanks, yay im alot better! yippe! Holly- May

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Glad you are feeling better today. I am really concerned that after needing 12 nebs you were discharged. Did your parents not question your safety with the doctors? I think it would be a good idea to go and have a check up with gp or asthma nurse today. Did hospital give you pred tabs to take at home?


I'm quite concerned as well. Did you discharge yourself, Holly-May? I know how rotten even a couple of nebs can make you feel so you must have been feeling pretty grotty after 12 nebs in 10 hours! Hope you are feeling better this morning. I would definitely advise you to see your GP today.

Yes i have got Pred tablets to be taken at home. 8 every morning! great! Holly- May x

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I have done all of this many times, cannot breath, hospital, nebulisers, prednisolone, sometimes antibotics, then sometimes within days it is the same again. Do not be so qucik to take prednisolone, it can affect your immune system and then you get a fungal infection and other stuff if not careful, and then this can make it more likely to get asthma again and so on. Am not even sure I have asthma, think they use it as a general word to cover a lot of things when baffled.

My parents did not question my safety with the doctors, Only my dad came, and he doesnt know much about asthma if anything! My auntie who is a nurse she kept on comming down to see me, so i had her proding and poking me aswell! I didnt dis-charge myself, i was getting very distress on the ward so my auntie thought that it would be a good idea if i was allowed home! I felt awful after the nebs! And i could hardly sleep, because my chest was hurting so much! And still is!

Thanks, Holly- May x

Have you stopped shaking yet? :-)

Well the shaking keeps on comming and going, i am shaking at the minute, and i am in agony with my chest! What do you think it could be, not sure if its a cause for concern! Well i hope not anyway! (i was shaking all through my attack yesterday!) Thanks x

I was also wondering, sort of getting a little of the subject... what is the liekly hood of being loaned a neb for at home? Does anyone know?

Thanks Holly- May x

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You can buy a nebuliser fairly cheaply, it makes more sense than going back and forth to the hospital.

Bless you!! After my attack last week my chest ached for about a week, i only stopped shaking yesterday. I think that was through fright. My GP loaned me a neb the other day, i'm taking it back once i've settled into work next week.

I would go and talk to your GP & really stress how you feel.

Let us know how you get on!

Hope you get better real soon

Julie X

Thanks Julie! I will try and see my doc as soon as poss. The only thing is that i have no energy to get out the house and im in so much pain¬ And my chest feels raw were i was coughing so much yesterday, i am getting a little bit worried as i have just coughed up a little blood, is this normal in a severe attack?

Thanks again! Holly- May x

You really, really shouldn't have been released from hospital if you required so many nebs and 100% O2 for so long.

I hope you have a GP appointment for this afternoon.

Hi CathBear, i thought so too! I was thinking could it be a good idea to ask my doctor about a neb for use at home? I dont have doctors appointment yet! May get one for the morning!


Holly- May x

I don't think your doctor would entertain that idea, no. I certainly wouldn't. You have many, many other options for asthma treatments before needing a home neb. Certainly your recent history of needing 12 nebs and high-flow O2 for 10 hours before stabilising would not be condusive to suggesting you would be safe at home with a nebuliser.

There are many people on these boards who do have access to home nebs, but it is as an extreme last-resort measure (on top of a whole load of other medication) to try to maintain some quality of life rather than having repeat trips to hospital. These people have strict protocols as to when to use the neb and when to go to hospital. It is by no means something to be taken lightly or used for convenience's sake.

As for the GP's appointment, if you are so poorly I wonder why you haven't been in contact with someone - particularly as you said in your initial post that you had to make a return visit?

This is an aside, but - Cathy, seeing as you're a doc and all ;), is it normal to go from BTS stage 3 to stage 5 without trying something from stage 4 in between?

peaksteve, what do you mean?

Thanks, Holly- May x

PeakSteve is basically saying, in more technical terms, what I said in my post - there are many other options medication-wise to explore before you get to the stage of needing a home neb.

I don't think you can really be guided by other people's situations and medications as there is often past history or extenuating circumstances.

This needs to be discussed with your GP rather than us though. Didn't you say you needed to return to the doctors today - did you mean the hospital or your GP?

Is that a ""no"" then, Dr Cath :P ?

Hi CathBear, i was supposed to go back to the hospital because i was in so much pain, and i have coughed up blood! They said they let me out under extreme circumstances, I saw my Gp on tuesday and he let me take more of my becotide, wednesday (yesterday) i am in hospital with a severe attack, and today i feel really bad, and my chest hurts, especially if i lie down, and i teach tae kwon-do. and i have a class to do tonight! i dont know what to do!

Thanks Holly- May x

If you were supposed to go back to the hospital surely that is the best plan? Why have your parents not taken you?

It worries me that you are relying so much on strangers via an internet message board for advice on what to do with health problems. You really would be far better served by discussing this with your parents.

Hi CathBear, like i have said in previous posts, i only live with my Dad now, and my mum wouldnt even come to see me yesterday! My dad is at work, after leaving early yesterday he may have to work longer today, so i dont really have any family to take me! And i cant talk to my parents (well dad) about these sorts of things, they dont even know anything about them! x

oh just also wanted to know a couple of other things please!!!!!

what does it mean 'exaberation' or something like that, i cant spell

and what is serevent, i had been on it for years, but allmy friends and family dont understand why i am on it and stuff! thanks!

Holly- May x

You don't have to know anything about a certain medical condition to be able to care for a child and have their best interests at heart. I think you are probably doing your father a disservice by suggesting he doesn't know anything/understand anything.

You imply that your parent, knowing that you are supposed to make a return visit to a hospital today, has left you at home alone when you have been so poorly, and such that you cannot make the return to the hospital??

Hi CathBear, my dad even told me last night that he didnt know anything about asthma and stuff, as especially he has never really been around dur to work, so he has never seen me in an asthma attack and stuff. Well doctors at the hospital dont like to see me, without a parent or guardian! He diddnt know that i was in so much pain this morning, for the fact that he leaves at 4.40am for work! So its not his fault! My only last option is Codene, which i was prescribed by the hospital not long ago, but i am allergic to it! So i dont fancy taking it!

Thanks, Holly- May x

Holly may, if you were so poorly yesterday, and feeling so unwell today, I would advise you get seen by a doctor - either your own GP or go back to the hospital. Have you some money to get a taxi there? If you are really not well enough to go out, your GP may come and see you if they think you need seen, so it might be worth giving them a call, even just for advice.

Or what about calling your auntie? She might be able to help, even just advise you what to do. Asthma can be very serious, especially if you needed that many nebs, and oxygen for as long, you were clearly very unwell, and although I don't want to scare you, remember asthma can kill.

Please look after yourself


I still don't understand this.

Your father knows that you were in hospital for over 10 hours yesterday, that you have been given extra meds and that you are clearly unwell. As Cathy said, he doesn't need to know the first thing about asthma to know that something is wrong! And yet you say he went off to work this morning as if nothing has happened, and hasn't - for example - called you to see if you're okay. And surely your Aunt would have said something to him?

Huddersfield Royal Infirmary would be more than happy to see you whether you had a parent/guardian or not. Do you think an A&E department will turn a sick child away?

Hi Sarah. I could get up to the hospital by taxi, but i dont think they would see me on my own (im 13) And since i am not in attack i dont think they would entertain it. I am just in a lot of pain with my chest! And have coughed up aliil blood, is this normal? I feel awful! I'd ring my doctors, but i dont think they would do anything! And i dont know what to say to them. any idea, although i need to pop in to pick up a prescription for my dad, so i could ask them what to do! I keep on needing to cough, but if i do cough, i am having to be so careful! Because it hurts so much, it feels like my lungs will expolde or something! My auntie is busy today, and then back at work tomorrow, im not allowed back at school for a while im so bad! Any ideas?

Thanks Sarah,

Holly- May x

Not sure if a a&e, would turn a sick child away, do you think i should call them and see what they think?

Thanks, Holly- May x

I don't think you can *call* an a&e department for advice...

If you turned up in person you would be seen. They have to see everyone who checks in.

As for not being sure what to say, you're doing pretty well on here. Contact your GP (or NHS Direct - 0845 46 47) and tell them exactly what you've been telling us. They can advise you much better than we can.

I'll also draw your attention to the post CathBear made on the General forum about what to do if you need rapid medical adivce.

Thanks Steve

Holly- May x

No, A&E would not turn a sick child away, you do not need to ring and ask them.

You said earlier that you didn't feel well enough to go out of the house, so how are you going to manage to go and pick up your father's prescription?

Having worked in A+E I can assure you they would not turn you away.

If you phone the GP and tell them what you have told us, they will probably arrange to see you.

Even if your aunt is busy, it sounds like she cares about you, and I would contact her if you are worried - I'm sure she would rather that than have anything happen to you.

Please do something to help yourself rather than posting on here where we can really do nothing to help.


Dont know how i will get my fathers presciption! And i dont think i could get there, il just see if it goes away!

I am REALLY SORRY if i caused any upset on the message boards here today!

Holly- May x

Can i suggest you phone the nurses who give medical advice on the board the hepline is Call the Asthma UK Adviceline on 08457 01 02 03, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.

they will give you the help you need!

I have 2 kids, son is 11 with severe asthma and adaughter same age as you. If either of my kids was unwell as you describing I would drop everything to make sure they get medical help. I am struggling to understand your dad's lack of care or concern. I read in another thread the docs wanted to admit you to intensive care so how on earth did you end up at home alone! I have seen docs make some odd decisions over the years but your case is so extreme I think the docs involved should be investigated. I would say that at 13 you are old enough to speak for yourself and I would suggest you go back to A & E asap

thanks Julie, i am going to make an appointment for the Gp surgery tommorrow, have not got the energy to get to the hospital, been in ned all day!


Holly- May x

Not having the energy to get out of bed means you should call your Gp. Sorry to be blunt but if you have energy to type away all day on here then you have enough energy to ring the Gp surgery. I presume your dad will be home very soon if he left at 4am? In light of staements you have made about your parents lack of care, the severity of your illness, absent from school for weeks, comments like 'im losing the will to live' maybe your family needs some help from social services or you could ring someone like childline?

Hi Holly-May,

I've just been reading through this thread and some of the others that you've written and I'm very confused and concerned for you.

The actions of the doctors and your relatives as you describe them do not really make sense. I'm struggling to understand how any of them could have behaved in the ways that you have told us.

It's clear that you're very unhappy and worried at the moment, and feeling very alone. Is it possible that all that upset and anxiety that you are feeling is causing you to exaggerate a wee bit to us about what is going on? I know when I was a teenager and was feeling upset and struggling to explain why, my asthma was often a convenient device to let people know that I was suffering, when I wasn't really able to say so in so many words. You seem to have had a lot of stress and turmoil in your life and I wonder if that is the main problem at the moment?

If it is the case that some of your posts are a little bit exaggerated, please do think a bit about what you are doing - it's very upsetting and worrying for us to read the things that you are describing. No-one will be angry at you, we are all just anxious to know that you are alright.

If you want to talk to someone, please keep posting on here, PM me, or call the Samaritans on 08457 909090 - they are a totally confidential service who will listen to any of your worries, I have called them in the past as a teenager and they were wonderful to me.

And, as others have said, please see your own GP as soon as possible to get your physical health checked out, and, if you feel able, to discuss some of your anxieties and worries. I'm sure you will find that he or she will be a sympathetic listener.

Please don't think that this post is attacking you - I'm just very very concerned for you. Please do PM me if you want.

Take care Holly-May


Just wanted to say i have not wanted to make any ill feelings or upset! PLEASE FORGIVE ME IF I HAVE, I DO APPOLOGISE! My asthma has gone really uncontroled at the moment and is getting me down, and for a reply to Emily H, Sorry again, and i am more bothered about my health than anything else thats gone on! Its just so frustraiting when you get ill with Asthma from being uncontrolled! And its been making me upset! And i needed advice, although i think we went a little off-topic on here!


Holly- May x

Holly May, no-one hates you. It is just that some of the things you say either mean you have the most irresponsible medical team going or you might in all the confussion and panic have got a little muddled about some of your treatment.

Either way you clearly have some serious problems that meed resolving and you need to talk to someone about them. People are trying to help you Holly.


You havent caused upset or bad feeling, people are concerned about you. Of course nobody hates you , we dont know you so how could we hate you. Personally I am struggling to understand some of the comments you make though. My son is only a little younger than you and spends loads of time in hospital with asthma so I do understand how frightening this must be for you.

I dont think we have gone off topic people are just putting together all the comments and posts you have made and as I said are concerned about you.

May have you phoned for help yet? Phone the advice line they will give you advise and long term help that you obviously need.

holly may we don't hate you, we are worried about you. It sounds as if lots has happened all at once, and it can be very hard to get your head round it all - sometimes posting here can help. I would be concerned that if you needed as much treatment as that last night you were sent home and have been alone all day - it must be frightening for you on your own. It is also easy to let the numbers of nebs or whatever gradually creep up in your head so that the number you type is not quite accurate - because it is all so scary and you need us to know how scared you were perhaps. But I really do think you need to call your GP for some advice, they will talk to you even though you are 13 and on your own.

Hope you doing ok.


Hi everyone and thank you ever so much! And thought i would let you know i have not phoned for help, but my dad will be home soon, and my auntie is going to go to the gp on her way home at about 5, she was at my cousines. She is going to ask them what to do (even though she is a nurse, she has been looking after me!) I have a pink discharge notes thing, is this for my gp, or shall i show it to him and prove how ill i have been? Thanks again!

Holly- May x

Hi Holly. Sorry if we have been a bit short with you, but we have been worried about some of the things you have said, as Sarah-Owl has said.

The pink letter needs to go to your GP so that they know what has been happening to you. They will then be able to advise you on how to manage your asthma better.

I am still very worried about the fact that you have been home alone all day after having been so poorly.

Hi CathBear and others, please do not worry, as i do not want to cause ill feelings! My auntie is going to collect me, and then we are going together and see what they say at reception, although i am scared, i guess i have to live with it! I may think its unfair, but atleast i can say that i am lucky, in the sense that i am being treated and so on! And its not like its a rare condition, i mean there are so many of us on here, and THANK YOU so much again! All my love!

Holly- May x

glad you are getting looked after. Let us know what the GP says/does.



Thanks, will let you know, i had better wrap up warm too. Its freezing!

Luv ya, Holly- May x

Holly May wrap up and put a scarf over your mouth so you are not sucking in too much cold air between home and the Drs. I am glad your aunt is going with you. Good luck.


ps don't forget the pink letter for the GP

Glad you are visiting doctors. Let us know how you get on.

Thanks again for your advice, i will do that! Have pink letter in my pocket, and getting my hat and scarf out now!

Holly- May x

Hope you get on ok at docs, pop back later if you can and let us know how you are.


Thanks, wll do! doctor didnt see me, as he had too many pateints, but i am going tomw, and will be seen, i saw my pharmacy today, and he was insistant that i went, so he rang him to make sure i see him!

Thanks, i will let you know!

Holly- May x

Just thought i would let you know, i tried to get out the house and i could barely make it to the end of the path, so i am paying the price for it now! So i am going to make sure i go to the doctors first thing in the morning!

Luv ya, and thanks!

Holly- May x

So did you see your pharmacist or didn't you? Sorry, am confused by your two most recent posts.

Hi Holly-May

Have you spoken to your dad yet? or get any help if you're still suffering?

I'm confused too, did you go to your doctors earlier or not? And to your pharmacist?

Hope you're ok


Hi holly

I really am saddened to read what had happened here I don’t understand how a hospital would let you go home after all that treatment without making sure you where stable when I was your age if I required back to back nebs or hourly ones like you seem to have had and required O2 I would be in at least a few days. I think your gp is pathetic I haven’t come across one that will turn down an asthmatic patient especially a child who turns up at the surgery you are usually seen next with or without an appointment. My father knows nothing at all about asthma and works away a lot of the time but he comes home if I am unwell I have no mother like you and from june time last year it was just me my sister and my father. Holly this doesn’t seem right at all what you are saying and for health professionals to act as they have a formal complaint needs addressing as gps will see sick children even visit you at home when you are far to ill to get to them and as for the hospital also with regards to the hospital stay I have had far to many admissions to even remember in many hospitals and even when I moan like hell they would never send me home especially after the night you had. What were your o2 saturations and did you require any other additional medication whist in. I am really worried to hear a young girl of your age is left to her own deifies with out the support you need I have pmd you.

By the way is this your first attack?

Take lots of care and if you get worse just dial 999 form one holly to another!! I think you should be in hospital holly if you are this unwell again especially after last night. please take my advice and get an out of hours gp to see you or go back


Holly May, for crying out loud I told you earlier asthma and cold air don't go together, what on earth are you doing trying to go out. If you are unwell again and bearing in mind what happened yesterday suggest you call your out of hours GP, NHS direct or 999 asthma kills! Get yourself sorted ASAP.

Please note there are people on here who have lost friends to asthma and some who have had more than one brush with life support machines. You posts are scaring and distressing people. If you need help call someone NOW and stop doing silly things like going outside in sub zero temperatures when you are clearly still ill.



i am doing what ever i can!!! its hard ya no, under my cirumstances, please realise this! x

Oh sorry, going back to SpiderLungs comment, no! This is not my first attack, but they have never been as bad! And my saturations, i dont know either, i was in a daze when it all happened, and dont know what was going on most of the time, i have had to have famiy and friend and nhs staff (my nurses) to recall to me what happened!


Holly- May x


HI was sorry to hear that you had such a bad attack the other day. As we all no it can be scary and to be left alone the next day when your not feeling your best does not always help you feel better.

Have you been in contact with your GP yet to get checked over and see that all is ok....

Please do so asap if you havent already made an appointment....

Well Wishes.

Lisa xx

Hi there,

Sorry to hear you have been having a hard time and obviously no one really to share it with. Everyone on here is very caring and worries about others due to the nature of asthma! There have also been some issue in the past that still concern some people. Have you also tried kick asthma message boards, there are quite a few teenagers on there?

Let us all know how u get on at the GPs? Have you got an asthma nurse? You should try talking to her and perhaps have a management plan.

better go (lectures are calling)


Diagnosis at the doctors

Hi all, just thought i would let you know, i managed to get to the doctors finally! Although i had hardly any strengh, so my auntie had to come from work and hold my hand tight, so that i could get there! It was embarassing! Anyway, he said my asthma is really unstable at the moment, and he wants me to see how i go, before he changes my medications again!!!!!!! I hate meds changes, but if you need it then go for it i say! And also i have Gastro-Oseaphageal Feflux disease, ontop of asthma. Aparantly my Oesphagus is badly scared, and one of my valves is not working properly, so i am in agony from the Scaring, but also it is constantly letting stomache acids into my oesophagus, which is making it worse, i am taking Lansoprazole Oro- Dispersable tablets and also he has said that i am to take my Steriod inhaler slightly more!


Holly- May x

Does anyone know much about Gastro- Oesophageal Reflux disease? I was diagnosed today, i know a little, but not much! awell, it dont matter! lol

Thanks for you replys!

Can a GP actually diagnose that. Isn't advisable to have tests etc? Also how would he know also this detail about scarring and a valve not working?I am sorry Holly but I can't understan how your GP would know all this with out test been carried out.Wanda

Can a GP actually diagnose that. Isn't advisable to have tests etc? Also how would he know also this detail about scarring and a valve not working?I am sorry Holly but I can't understand how your GP would know all this with out test been carried out.Wanda

Crikey I thought diagnosing that required a scope down the throat and acid recording probe. Are you being referred for more tests.


hhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I really shouldn't say this but the words ""x ray eyes"" spring to mind sorry for that comment!

Thread ""locked""

Moderator's hat in place...

Everyone, STOP!

This is getting silly. May, your posts are unfathomable. They contradict themselves, they contradict medical fact and they contradict common sense.

I can't lock this thread (not a feature of these boards), so I'll have to just ask nicely... please, everyone, stop adding fuel to the fire by posting to this thread.

Thanks folks,




Holly May,

Please stop ""shouting"" at us, we're not ""deaf"". It's considered rude to write a post in entirely capitals on a message board.

It's not a question of not believing you, the fact remains that quite a lot of questions which have been asked of you have remained unanswered and uncommented on by yourself; as such I think a lot of incomplete information has been presented, which hasn't helped.

We have had discussions already about using this board entirely for your advice and support, which we find worrying. A lot of people were extremely concerned about you yesterday - we didn't know you, we don't know what is going on at home with you, we couldn't see you and you were saying that you were very ill. I think it is reasonable to try to help yourself by searching out information. You sound like a very intelligent and well-educated young person and I think you would be well able to speak up for yourself in obtaining this help and support from those around you - I know you feel your Dad isn't helpful, but from what you say your auntie is supportive. Do you think it is fair to ask people on here, who don't know you or what is going on, to try to help you?

We all welcome discussion and debate on here - that is what we are here for - but it all went rather too far yesterday. We did try to help you, but you felt that it wasn't what you were after, perhaps?

As for ""not believing you"" - PeakSteve is quite right when he says that a there are inconsistencies in your posts which don't quite tally with what we would expect medically. That may be that things that have gone on you have misunderstood or misinterpreted so they come across in the wrong way to us. I don't know. As I said above, it is difficult to fully appraise the situation on message boards. Certainly as a doctor I would not want to let a 13-year old, who has needed 100% O2 and 12 nebs in 10 hours, out of the sight of a hospital ward for at least 24 hours - no matter whether her relatives think it a good idea or not.

Have a think about what I have said.

And please, as Steve has requested - this thread is now LOCKED.

Thread still ""locked""

I still can't lock this thread (still not a feature of these boards), so I'll have to just ask nicely, again... please, everyone, stop posting to this thread.




PS: Obviously not aimed at you, Cathbear... ;)

This has happened to me lots of times. One time I said well are you just gong to send me home so that in a few weeks I am the same again? The doctor said no we will refuse you to the chest consultant in six months. The months went past and nothing happened. I asked my doctor and no referral had been made. She said she would chase it up and had to chase it up many times. Eventually the chest consultant/respiratory guy saw me, this was more than a year later, I was quite ill. I told him that the doctor had tried me on all of the inhalers and I cannot get on with them because of side effects. He told me to take an inhaler every day!

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