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Bad control of Asthma, Dont know what to do!


Hi, nearly 6 years ago (i was only about 8) i was taken to my local gp as when i excersiced i seemed to be getting very wheezy and coughing and then it felt like i had a huge sumo guy sat on my chest as my chest was so tight chested. When i went to my gp they gave me a ventolin easy breath inhaler, and said i have a cough when it comes to excercise. I went back shortly after and was labelled asthmatic. I have been to my Gp several times in this year (double figures) They seem to always say my chest is clear! I was given a peak flow meter to use everyday and i am supposed to get around 350 most! I get around 200 or less, I am now on Serevent, Becotide, Ventolin inhalers (the highest does) with a spacer and i still cant seem to take control of it! Every day i have pains in my chest, coughing fits, breathlessness and asthma attacks, and all my gp seems to do is pump me full of amoxilcillin and say i have a virus, i dont like to bother my hospital as i feel its a waste of time, i have had to take months out of school, and it is stopping me from doing most things. I even get breathless going up the stairs. I am only 13 and it is very distressing for me. Do you think that they could do more, i am very anxious and scared. These past few weeks i have had atleast 3 attacks a week! I dont know what to do! Please help! :-( holly x

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Sorry to hear your having so much trouble. I have a couple of questions about your post, your inhalers, what doses of your inhalers are you actually on? All you said was 'the highest doses'. Also why don't you like to bother your hospital? There is only so much a GP can do for Asthma until it has to be looked at by a specialist. More can be done if your Asthma isn't controlled but that may have to be by a respiratory consultant. Do you see an Asthma nurse?

Tks xxx


Hiya, it sounds like you are having a really hard time :(

Asthma is really horrible, I certainly know what you were going through, although I don't think I had it so bad as you. To me, it seems like you need some general advice and reassurance about asthma. Maybe book a session with your asthma nurse to talk about your asthma, what your different medications are supposed to do and how you can sort things out. Stress and anxiety about your asthma certainly doesnt help!

For example, you should not be trying to force yourself to get a 350 peak-flow. All peak-flow does it monitor your condition by measuring the current constriction in your lungs. It is just a measurement - and the stability of the peak-flow matters, not the best possible value. If you are getting the same amount every day, it shows that your asthma is under control. If your peak-flow is bouncing up and down it is under poor control.

The amoxycillin you are taking is to treat a chest infection - and yes, these are common in asthmatics - but an asthmatic cough and tiny amounts of white/yellow mucus are not always indicative of a chest infection.

There are some really good books available on asthma that give serious and simple advice for asthma sufferers. Asthma is not just about exercise and drugs. Its also about allergies, the food you eat, how clean your house is, your pets, your lifestyle, your overall health and your state of mind.

I had a lot of help with my asthma using a technique called Buteyko, which essentially revolves around nose-breathing, relaxation and breath-holding exercises. Patrick McKeown's book has been published by HarperCollins, a highly reputable publisher, and it has many many positive reviews on Amazon. Other books and stuff on buteyko are available at

Some people seem to be quite anti-Buteyko on these forums because there have been cases where people start feeling much better and reducing their medication without asking their doctor for permission, then have a serious asthma attack as a result! The moral of this is that you must be careful - trust your doctor and work with him to improve your asthma.


Holly i think you need to see a chest consultant as you could do with more investigations than your gp can arrange first to see if it is asthma and to what extent. Dont feel like you are making a fuss, its clearly affecting your life and thats a problem. For support if you cant see an asthma nurse call asthma uks advice line, there great. Do your parents give you any help and support?

Xephos were not the only ones who disagree with buteko? most top consultants disagree too!! as there insnt sufficient eveidence to support it?

Andrea xxx


Hi wheezyab, thanks for your message, i dont know how i go about seeing a chest consultant! Do i judt ask my doctor or is it just if he thinks i would benifit??? I am quite fed up with it, as i can only just climb the stairs but that takes me a few minutes, Im 13 i should not be in this state, i just wish that doctors would take note and help me!

My parents dont help me dues to the fact that they have just got divorced and i am living with my dad. My mum never took notice so she couldnt support me, and my dad thinks that i dont actually have asthma. So its quite hard really. He doesnt even believe me when my auntie has to look after me when my face and hands are turning blue in an attack!

Thanks Holly- May x

Hi Holly - May

I've replied to your pm - just wanted to say - don't let it get you down... go back to your DRs - may be take your auntie with you if your Dad isn't able to go, and ask your GP to refer you to a chest consultant.

Try to keep battling on!



Holly May bless ya anytime you need to sound off or anything just pm me and ill try my best to help. Im sorry your parents dont support you, maybe you could lean on your auntie more if she helps. Like Kat says you need to go back to your gp maybe with your auntie and tell them your not happy and would like to be refferred to a chest consultant for a second opinion.

Chin up hunny.]

were her to support you.

love Andrea xxx

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