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Hi I just wanted to see if anyone else has had a similar experience. My son has been on this for a year now (he is 3.5yrs) and his communication isn't great so I am hoping someone who has had this may be able to let me know what my son was feeling?

He is a rather active little boy who can't have added sugars, certain E numbers etc and over the past few months his 'anger' had been getting worse and worse. I couldn't work out what could be doing this as he has no 'rubbish' in his diet.

Originally I thought it could be the becotide but since he has gone down from 400mcgs am and pm to just 100 that didn't add up. Never once did I think of the singulair! By chance I stubbled upon this as a side effect by many people so went to the drs and we decided that since he has been well for several months we would try without the singulair and see what happens. It's been a week and he has improved 1000% I am utterly shocked by the difference. Unfortunatley he has now started to get allergies to various things but I can live with that, the anger was so unbearable for everyone who had the honour of him company.

I feel quite guilty for not realising sooner and constantly having to shout at him and shut him in his room for his own safety as well as the rest of the family when it has all been down to a little tablet!

He also went to bed the other night and said 'mummy I got no head hurt' with a big smile. When I asked him what hurt and what he did when it hurt he said 'brush my teeth, go to bed and wait til morning when it's all better'!!!!!!! How long has more poor little boy been getting headaches? I feel so bad.

Sorry I seem to have created a small essay haven't I? I just wanted to know if anyone could try to put light on what 'may' of been happening inside his little mind to make him so angry.

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anger issues

oh my wot a revelation i to have a small child, she is two. She takes singulair an has a serious anger problem. i put it down to the terrible twos but now could it be singulair? she was until recently a very pleasant and happy child.


I have been on Singulair for as long as I can remember... since the age of 13/14 I believe and I'm 21 now.

Although I had a lot of anger issues with I was 15, I never noticed problems when I first started. It might just be because he's young, but he's obviously having some serious side effects. Maybe the dose (although it's only 10mg), might be too strong for the little boy? Poor thing suffering like that. It's good that he can tell you though. Glad he's off them now though, there weren't doing him any good.

I was told never to stop taking singulair as my body is so used to them! That will be the last thing that I will stop taking... all the inhalers (if ever!) will go first.

So god knows what it was, but it might have been too strong... he might just have reacted badly. I know steriods can make you rather angry, but if his inhalers were reduced...

Glad the problem has got better! At least you can control the allergies better than anger.


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