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Asthma and Bronchitus

Hi everybody Hope you are all well or wellish.

Holly and I have just come back from a glorious week in Majorca. Sun was shining and Holly's chest was clear and everything was going well until Friday night when she got a really strange cough. It wasn't like her usual cough and she started wheezing really badly very quickly.

Anyway long story short she ended up in hospital in Alcudia when the doctor told me in broken english it was bronchitius. I took all her meds to hosp with me and made sure he understood that she had asthma but he kept saying - no asthma bronchitus. Anyway they gave her some oxygen a steriod injection and sent us away with antibiotics after a few hours.

Anyway my question is can you get bronchitis on top of asthma and I thought it was only smokers who got it - She's only 4 so doesn't smoke.



p.s Got to say it was truly one of the most clean and immaculate hospitals I've ever been in. Really put our local to shame.

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Oh yes, you can definitely get bronchitis on top of asthma. Bronchitis, as far as I'm aware, is a chest infection in a particular part of the lungs - the bronchi - but I'm sure a medic will correct me if I'm wrong. Antibiotics should get it under control.


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