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Next step in meds

Hi everybody. Hope you are all well. I haven't posted on here for a while but I've still been reading the posts regularly

My little girl (Holly) is nearly 6 and used to have the most dreadful asthma, being admitted to hosp at least once amonth for two and a half years. The docs juggled her meds and for a whole year she was stable. She could'nt do all the things other children do but we managed to keep her out of hospital and that seemed to be enough for us.

The last 8 weeks have been an absolute nightmare though. I feel as if we're back to square one. We're constantly at docs and hosp and nothing we do seems to control it. She's up at least 3 - 4 times a night for ventolin and needs her inhaler a minimum of 6/7 times through the day.

We're lucky that she goes to a mainstream school who eventually sorted out a brilliant care plan for her and she has her own classroom assistant for support.

All she wants though is to be normal and its heartbreaking that her idea of normal isn't even everyone elses. We're seeing the consultant next week as her gp says that she should be stable on her meds and doesn't understand why she isn't. She gets 2 puffs of flixotide 125 morn and night as well as 1 puff of serevent seperately, citirizine and montelekaust and never seems to be off pred just now. Anybody any ideas on what the next step will be. We tried increasing her serevent but it gave her horrendous headaches which is why she gets it seperately now.

Sorry this is a long post. I'm really stressed



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hi Anne,

Not much in the way of advice or information I'm afraid! Just thought I'd stop by to say I really feel for you & holly. Good luck at your appt with the consultant I hope things improve for your family.




Sorry I don't have much advice but just wanted to wish you good luck next week. I'm in a similar position myself and find it hard to deal with so can only imagine how heart breaking it is fo your daughter to be in this position.

Has anything else changed which may be causing her asthma to flare up? I'm a guide leader and helped identify one of my guides problems being due to the new automatic air freshners which had been fitted in our meeting place. Might be worth a think as often its a little change which can cause problems.

Let us know ow you get on next week.

Take care



Thanks Rabbit and St.

Cons decided to go back to basics and start using nebs again. Our hosptals going to loan us one so saves buying it and from now on everything sge gets will be through a neb. Pick it all up on Monday so fingers crossed it'll work




thinking of you both, good luck with nebs. Please do let us know how you get on.

Best wishes.





I've just joined the site and have posted on the parents and carers forum if you wanted to read it. I think my son sounds very simlar to your daughter.

The addition of the nebs for him has meant he can go slightly longer in the night without needing treatments. (instead of waking 2 hrly for inhalers he can go 3 or 4 hourly) SO hope that these are affective for you.

My son starts school in Septemeber. He is currently at a brilliant and supportive preschool and I have to admit to being worried about his entering school. Did you arrange for the care plan and support assistant or did the school? Any advice you can give me would be great.

I hope that the nebs help your daughter and she starts to improve.



Hi Helen

I contacted the school months before she was due to start and let them know about her asthma. Her class teacher and school head visited her at nursery to see how she was managed there and when they realised how bad it was they arranged to have a care plan meeting.

The school nurse, the doctor attached to her school, her teacher, the head teacher, the classroom assistant, a teacher from the nursery and myself attended and though it was quite formal it was also reassuring to know that the were taking things seriously. Anyway everybody sat round the table and worked out a plan to the littlist detail and it was decided that she would require one to one support.

The school contacted the local authority for this and just before she started, they agreed to fund it. It all took quite a while so I would really advise that you contact the school sooner rather than later so that everythings in place for your little boy before he starts.

I hope this helps. I know Holly's really lucky at school but I know theres other parents that struggle with schools and their management of asthma

Take care



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