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Budenoside nebules side effects

Hi everybody hope you are well

I posted a few weeks ago as my little girl Holly was having a difficult time with her asthma. The cons supplied a nebuliser and changed her flixotide inhaler to the budenoside or pulmicort nebs as well as giving her salbutamol nebs for home.

I was wondering if anyone has experiene of nebbing this steroid as since she started taking them she has had the most horrendous and detailed nightmares. I'm not sure if its related to the steroid or the amount of ventolin she's geting but I was curious to see if anyone else had experienced this.

Also a bit worried cos nebbing the steroids doesn't seem to be improving her asthma and cons said last time he would consider slophyllin as the next stage of treatment and I'm worried as I've heard that can have worse side effects

PS. Bless her she's only 6.

Any info would be much appreciated.




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