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Waterlogged ear!


Medical but not asthma....

I have been swimming again today and over the last few weeks at least one of my ears has become waterlogged for up to an hour or two.

Today my left ear is still waterlogged!! 6 hours after swimming.

Does anyone have any idea how to clear the swimming pool out of my ear?

I have been shaking my head most of the afternoon, pinching nose & blowing to try to pop my ears - no avail!

I think I will have to invest in some ear plugs! It is a nightmare trying to eat celery at the moment as every crunch is super magnified.

If it is still blocked tommorrow I will ring NHS direct.

Anyway, off to lie on my left side to see if gravity will drain it out.

Ta very much


Glug Glug glug...............

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Ear has relieved itself at last - 8 hrs of partial fuggy hearing has gone ..... going to buy ear plugs .....................


Hi Kate. Glad to hear it has cleared, but for next time...

Pinching/blowing nose/popping ear won't help this one, I'm afraid. It's good for aerating your middle ear, e.g. when you're gunked up with cold, or during/after flying etc - but the water's stuck on the outside of your drum. thing is to gently pull your ear slightly up and back (this straightens out your ear canal) whilst beding over to the afflicted side, possibly rocking back & forth a bit. This should generally allow the water to trickle out. The edge of a piece of tissue just at the opening of your ear may help to absorb a little bit of the water and break the surface tension.

NB - as a general medical point for everyone - NO COTTON BUDS PLEASE! Ears don't like them cos they can cause damage!!


Thanks Cathy,

I realised after a while the blowing wasn't helping - Will remember the advice in future. Makes sence in a way cos if it did work It would mean there would be a hole in the ear drum!!!!???? Anyway, surface tension is an interesting thing - amazing how long it can hold its tension!! No wonder pond skaters enjoy whizzing round ponds.. just hope they don't like ears!

Take care



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