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I have to stop my antihistamines for 3 days so I can have my pinprick allergy tests done again next week.

I thought why not try stopping them completely so I stopped them on friday.

By yesterday I was like a chimp with lice! Four days without - I thought I could get through the 'cold turkey' itchy chimp mode but had to give up last night and downed piriton at 11:30pm to get to sleep. I was so determined as I have been on antihistamines - cetirizine- permanently for years.

Has anyone tried to come off anti hisses and how did you get on? My skin is a bit of a mess at the mo - but it has calmed down so much.

I am so disapointed that I couldn't stop them completely. Will stop them on sunday for the tests next week but will take them again as soon as tests over.


and her friendly tub of diprobase!

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I've tried a few times, during moments of madness - once while doing work experience at a vets... not a clever idea! Usually I end up sneezing, itchy and with permanently red watery eyes. Even if I am doing it at a (sort of!) sensible time! Sorry it didn't work... hope it's not too bad having to come off for tests. I have skin prick tests at the end of Feb. Not looking forward to it, especially as i'll be in school before the tests, without meds, and my best friend is always covered in cat fur! Uh oh...

Oooh does anyone know if being on antihists when having blood taken for allergy tests will affect the results? I would have thought so, but had blood taken at first cons appt when i'd had antihists in the morning...


Hi, i think it depends what your blood tests are for as to whether you have to stop your antihistamines.

My daughter was advised to stop hers for just 24 hours before her skin tests for allergies. She also had tests for easonphils and synthacten tests but was told she could keep taking her antihistamines.

Soooo i think it really does depend on your individual circumstances.



Hi Kate, I think your allergies are probably more severe than mine. I took my desloratadine (neo-clarityn) all year last year but my GP thought it a good idea to try stopping them out of the hayfever season and only using them for visits to pet homes or visits from people with pets. Anyhow he suggested cutting them down slowly ie., 3days on one off for a few days then 2days on one day off finally down to alternate days and then stopping them. I have managed this and I seem fine allergywise but then I've been on a bit of oral pred and so this will have dampened down symptoms and my skin too. I am on Singulair which works on the allergy receptors in the lungs (I think - am not too sure) and so this will be masking the lack of neo-clarityn I guess.

Hope this isn't too rambly just wondered if a gradual stop would have helped.

Sandi x


Hi Sandi,

thanks for that - I had thought about gradual reduction or alternate days - will ask my consultant next week.

I take prednisolone all the time though at a low dose at the moment. I was hoping the pred would dampen it down but wasn't going to up the pred to stop the silly chimp itching!

Order had been temporarily restored to my skin and sanity! ... til next week anyway! LOL.

Thanks for the other replies too!

Any medical peeps out there with some suggestions??

Ta very much!



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