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Bowels and Reflux


Does anyone else get this?

I find when i get constipated, food backs up and i end up being sick stomach acid (lovely green stuff).

This upsets my reflux which i am on high medication for anyway and then of course triggers my asthma.

My medical team are aware of it i just wondered if anyone else gets it? Feeling a bit alone with it.

Does any one else suffer from being sick stomach acid when constipated? And does anyone know why it happens?


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When constipated this prevents the stomachs from the intestines get backlogged wie contents. As the stomach fills it's unable to empty. So wot doesn't go down. Then comes up. The only way left for it. As The stomachs juices are acidic an green in colour this is what you see in ur vomit. Try and keep on top of the constipation as this will help the reflux and vomitting.


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