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Hiatus Hernia

Hi, I had an endoscopy on tuesday morning and it was discovered i have a Hiatus Hernia - part of my stomach has come up through diaphragm into chest area i think this means?! According to google.

Does anyone know anything about this?

I am already taking esomprezole 40mg two tablets twice daily and Gaviscon four times a day.

I wonder if this could be why i get cramp in my side near my stomach?

Waiting to see a stomach surgeon once the biopses they took came back a little worried.


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My mum got one and fried or spicy food sets her off.It can be managed with help from doc. Hope you feel a bit better soon X


plumie- unfortunately i also have one of these (along with many other flippin conditions!) i was diagnosed many years ago at the same time as having treatment for stomach ulcers. it cant be operated on due to where it is. i take one 50mg tablet a day as well as gaviscon. avoid rich foods, heavy meals, spicy food, eating late at night, cut down drinking, dont drink pop, be a good weight, raise your bed or sleep sitting up, take meds at night (even though they recommend ain the morning as it helps with sleep problems eg. bile coming back up the stomach and making you vomit lying down). basically live a sin free life and be as healthy as poss or you will find it hurts a lot and give you lots of reflux and vomiting xxxx good luck x


My Mum has had this lived with this for over 40 years and from what I have seen & heard over time, it affects each person differently. You need to work out what foods you can and can't eat. One person can eat one thing that another can't and vice versa ! Sleeping more upright does help alot, to avoid the stomach acid causing problems. You may also find that any tablets you take, may affect you in different ways to anyone else. Particularly with the 'generic brands' currently being issued by chemists, the varying coatings on tablets may cause problems.


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