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Nebuiliser reduction


I have been on 250mcg salbutomol and atrovent nebules since coming out of hospital 5 weeks ago. Are you normally on these all the time forever once you have been sent home from hospital on this kind of dose?

I am also on Seretide 500 and singulair, was on prednisolone and theophyille but they have taken me off these now well they gradually reduced me off them.

It just seems odd to me that they get me off the tablets but leave me on the nebules, i would have thought it would have been other way round.

Just wondering what people thought?

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I use mine regularly on an as & when basis, 2 plus a day but only when needed.

Please ask your GP or doc because you may be able to reduce them.

It is better to use preventers than relievers eg perhaps a higher dose of the seretide if poss?? Theo is good if it works as it is mostly a slow release drug.

there are also long acting broncodilator tablets which can be better than nebbing every 4 hrs if not needed.

Hope this help



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