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Standard Nebuilser Treatment

First things first. I am not asking medical advise! I am not asking for help with my treatment.

I am curious if there is such a thing as a Standard Nebuilser Treatment. As in a set average standard protocol? How and when a nebuilser should be used for severe asthmatics or COPD patients. Does the NHS have set guide lines on Nebuilser Treatment on a daily basis?

I know that there is a Standard Reliever Inhaler Treatment but is there a Standard Nebuilser Treatment?

Just curiousity.


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Hi plumie,

I'd like to know that myself. When it comes to asking doctors they dont really seem to be able to answer this one?

Love Lydia x


Because only a small number of asthmatics are prescribed nebulisers, I would be surprised if such a one exists. I think if you have a nebuliser, then your prescribing doctor will/should provide you with a personal plan. And regardless if such a standard plan does exist follow your doctors orders.

But saying all of that I don't even have any guidelines provided by my current doctor, but I use my common sense instead. If nebulisers are not working or I am requiring more than what my hospital would do in am emergency I call out the little green men.


I do know how you feel.Matty and I have different plans to follow.Matty is allowed one 2.5mg neb and if it doesnt hold 4 hours, he's in hospital.

I'm allowed 5mg venolin plus combivent neb 2.5ventolin and atrivent) every 4 hours or I can use 5mg then after 2 hours use combivent.My doc says they do no harm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I know my limits and I know when I need to go in.My consultant doesn't want me using a neb so I haven't since I've been out of hospital.

Hope your feeling better xxx


Well well well it looks like i have found myself another challenge to work on. I will let you know if i find anything out. I think there should be a standard nebuilser treatment but i am doubting there will be one. I just found myself something to do if nothing else.


Edit: I am already aware nebuilsers are disliked very strongly by medical professionals but for some of us there is no other option currently available.


I use a nebuliser at home more as a means of improving my quality of life as my asthma presents in difficult and complex manner my protocol is maximum of 10mg of salbutamol and 500mcg atrovent in 4 hours if that doesn't hold me, hospital.


Im on 4 hourly salbutamol 5mg nebs and atrovent 500 nebs 4 times aday everyday as my usual treatment, i think cons decides what plan you follow. I dont have one, if i feel ill i go into hospital.. simple lol


Hi everyone,

This intrested me too! But as I am a student nurse, I thought why not look it up on one of my books! So I looked in my copy of the BNF (British National Formulary), this is the book medics use when working out what drugs to give us and how much etc!

It states that nebs should only be used, acording to the British Thoracic Scoiety, for patients with chronic persistent or severe asthmatics, but in chronic persistant, nebs should only be used to relieve persistant daily wheeze!

Also after reviewing diagnosis, the side effects will not be not bad, only if the patient is using the inhalers properly, the inhaler dose has been tried for 2 weeks, and if the patient is complying with current treatment, I think this is if the docs are going to give a home enb, cause obviously if it is an emergency they would just give the nebulisers!

Hope this helps and is what you are looking for?



Asthma Uk Asthma Nurse says that a specialist respiratory consultant should tell you the standard nebuilser treatment. So this means there most be guidelines somewhere on what to take and when and when to seek help. As for the specialist to be able to tell you they have to have learnt it from somewhere?!


Getting somewhere - just found a guideline not sure on reliability though! - search nebulisers in general practice.

Talks about single doses only - after this go emergency department.

To me this makes sense because the reason they do not like you having a nebuilser at home is because people do not seek help early enough. If you are needing a nebuilser then generally you need hospital. Unless you have brittle/ difficult/severe asthma when sometimes NOTE sometimes it is different.

I am just fastinated i guess. I wish there was more help for us at the severe end! We seem to be left a lot more to fend for ourselves and getting told to just accept our condition. Which is not easy!

Any thoughts?

Edit: Moderators am i ok to put what research i find for people who are interested like me? Hope i not in the wrong?! Just a tad concerned so feel free to take off if not allowed.


You are right about being left to fend for ourselves Plumie. But asthmatics are not alone in this. A close family member has cancer and she has had to fight for scans and appointments. She says she can't believe how haphazard it has been. Again it's down to variable treatment and variable medics which just isnt right.


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