Atrovent Nebules timings

Today i have been given atrovent nebs to take four times daily every six hours basically. What i was wondering was how people worked out the timings for them? It is just i worked out to do it at regualr intervals to keep my medication to a routinue like my consultant said would mean one at 7am, 12pm, 5pm and 10pm. I was just wondering how other people who took them worked them out to fit all four in to a day. (for more on my current medication see my profile)

It seems like a really early start do others have to do this too?

thanks for advice in advance


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  • hi plumie

    i would talk to your doc / asthma nurse to check they happy with the timings you got and you happy with that too. I tend to take when i wake up (or am woken up needing it!) and then depending on the time every 4 - 6 hours from there - depending on how long a day it is gonna be if that makes sense. my chest normally starts to remind me if i've gone too long without too. but don't take what i say as read, please do get medical opinion, as we all different. my cons is happy with my routine, check yours is.

    hope they work


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