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any advice?

i bn in hospital 2 weeks now with asthma, my peak flow has now stablised between 300 and 350, 70 to 75% of my best. doctors are looking into sending me home. i just have one concern the side effects i have gained as part of the control of my asthma mean that wen i first came in to hospital i couldnt cook meals or care for my self due to breathlessness now they are trying to send me home with same problem but instead of beng breathless i now cant do these things due to very fast heart rate (155 rest, 171 exercise) jitters and shakes.

i feel like objective of going home better isnt happening.

any advice would be really useful!

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hey plumie is the fast heart rate due to side effects from your meds, have they done an ECG?

I have just been relesed after a 7 and a half week stint, I always panic how I will manage at home as I live alone.

When we are due to be discharged we have the discharge co-ordinator come round to chat to us to ask if we think we would need any extra help at home then if so referrals are made to the OT, social services etc. When these are all in place the patient is allowed home. Do you have anything like this at your hosp, I feel they sometimes assume you will be fine, as we are younger, have family etc.


thanks now bn referred to ot for an assessment now they reliased i live alone. heart rate is side effects.


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