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MDI Inhalers

i was talking to a friendly pharmacist today and she informed me that it has been found that it is the alcohol in the MDI inhalers (metal canister ones) that sometimes irratate peoples lungs that are sensitive. I am glad that mystery has been solved. At least when someone asks me now why i cannot have MDI inhalers i shall have an answer.

I use accuhalers. Hope that helps any one else who finds MDI inhalers irratate there lungs.

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Hi Plumie,

I think it is the generics that often have the alcohol exipient in plus other junk like Oleic Acid that irritates lungs.

I am fine with the proprietory versions such as Allen & Hanburys Ventolin but not generics such as salamol (Salbutamol)

It may be the propellants too!



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