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mold removal

on the sofa at the moment resting due to a infection in right lung. On the preds and antibiotics and feel washed out. i am allergic to mold and have a battle to keep it out of the house. Usually use Dettox spray but cant risk spraying it at the moment. not only for the lungs but under strict instructions not to start cleaning when hubby out of house. Even marride daughter nagging. is there anything i can get said volenteers to use other than this product. Thanks

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Hi, mould does so love damp areas, so to keep mine at bay I always leave little windows, open when at home to make sure that house is well ventilated. Things like shower curtains are put in the wash on a regular basis or as soon as I spot some. Mould is the biggest problem in our bathroom despite ventilation and an electric fan. The only thing that keeps it at bay for about 6 weeks is Parazone Bleach. Now this stuff is pretty strong, so every six weeks darling hubby who doesn't suffer with Asthma scrubs the bathroom from top to bottom with the stuff, and this really makes a difference!


This was emailed to me a few weeks ago, looks like us builders are to blame again, OK blame us for everything. We don't care ;)

;Monday, October 5th, 2009:

Mold Linked to Allergies

by Lourdes Salvador

A new scientific study confirms that mold odor near baseboards is correlated with childhood allergies and rhinitis. “There are consistent findings on associations between asthma and allergy symptoms and residential mold and moisture,” says Hägerhed-Engman and colleagues.

Molds can have devastating health effects, particularly on young, developing children. Odor along baseboards may signify hidden moisture or mold problems within the walls or foundation of a building.

Mold and dampness is linked to many health problems, including respiratory disease, asthma, allergies, immune disease, behavioral disorders, and toxic poisoning. Occupying a moldy building nearly doubles the chance of asthma.

Molds are both a biotoxin and an allergen. Allergic symptoms of mold exposure include congestion, sneezing, watery eyes, sore throat, cough, skin irritation, headache, fatigue, and light sensitivity. Toxic mold exposure symptoms include neurological disorders, behavioral changes, chronic fatigue, and chemical sensitivity.

There are many different kinds of bacteria, fungi, and spores which grow on nearly any surface under the right conditions. Moist places, such as air ducts, ceilings, and plumbing enclosures are most problematic. Homeowners frequently neglect regular cleaning of these out-of-reach places and mold can develop and fester quite readily. Energy efficient hermetically sealed homes do not allow moisture to escape through adequate ventilation.

Researchers say the only true way to determine if baseboard odor is linked to hidden mold problems is to take apart the baseboard and break into the wall and floor to look for visible moisture damage.

Inadequate ventilation increases the risk of both mold discovery and the health effects of any existing mold.

Keeping a home dry and well ventilated decreases the chance of mold. A dehumidifier may be useful in humid climates and damp places such as laundry rooms and bathrooms. Checking regularly for leaks and replacing any water damaged building materials promptly will reduce the chances of mold taking hold.

Should mold illness occur, prompt medical attention should be sought. It is crucial to relocate until mold remediation has been completed. Continued exposure to mold can cause worsening health over time.


Hägerhed-Engman L, Sigsgaard T, Samuelson I, Sundell J, Janson S, Bornehag CG. Low home ventilation rate in combination with moldy odor from the building structure increase the risk for allergic symptoms in children. Indoor Air. 2009 Jun;19(3):184-92. Epub 2009 Mar 9.


Modern houses are designed to be airtight and this lack of natural ventilation is not good for the structure of a building or peoples health, but with tougher regulation all the time on U-Values (thermal insulation) they are going to to get worse. Bathrooms and Kitchens are the worst, and at least the regulations do enforce a specific volume air change, by extractor fans, but it's upto the occupier if they use them as the electrical regulations state they must have isolator switches and everyone turns them off. Best thing is to open a window when you can, and on a slightly different note, especially if you have plastic windows and central heating, recent research by the Building Research Establishment, which is Government funded, has found a possible link to cancers, more is being carried out, but opening a window is best for the house and you.


mold reply

To Woody-som, wont be blaming the builders as my husband is a very good one. But thanks for the info. To katina thanks for the suggestions I will put it on the shopping list and designate that little job to lovely hubby when he says is there anything you want me to do? I must be more vigilant about the shower curtain though as we do tend to get a kind of red tinged mold on it and on the shower tiles. thanks again. shirl


shirl, glad to hear it, I hate the way the whole building industry has become, shoddy workman ship, cheap builds, and give those of us who take pride in our work, and rely on our name, and workman ship to get work, get tarnished with the same brush.


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