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when do you need to be admitted?

i am on 60mg of pred, 2 hourly salbutamol nebs, atrovent 2 hourly and i have been like this for 7 days. do you think i need to go to hospital because i dont think there is much more that can be done. i am not needing intensive care or anything and although i am brittle i am not getting worse quickly. i am so confused and i think my familly is beginning to worry about me.


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PuffingBilly, no-one on this board can give you this kind of advice - this kind of decision needs to be made by your own doctors. No two asthmatics are the same, so it's not really much use comparing to how others would manage themselves in the same situation.

Please go and see a doctor if you are worried.




if you feel you are not getting better and are struggling with the treatment you are using, then you need to at least contact your own GP or hospital team so they can assess you.

Hope you have done this and that you are ok.



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