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Am I being impatient?


To cut a long story short, I have a viral infection that's had a bad effect on my asthma. I'm on 30mg of Prednisolone, amoxicillin, 400mg of beclometasone (twice a day), 100mg of salmeterol (twice a day) and I still feel like I'm constantly tight-chested. None of these medicines seem to keep my attacks at bay for very long and I'm still using my reliever as often as I can.

Should I be going back to my doctor or wait to see if the Prednisolone and amoxicillin kick in? Any advice would be appreciated - I've already had a week off work and I can't afford another one.

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dont dilly dally around this illness can be deadly if you arnt getting any better go back to the docs ask if regular nebulisers would help!


I just don't get it 'cause my peak flow is so much better than what it was - 410 compared to 320 last Monday. It's hard to tell what's asthma and what's virus.


hi cole,

firstly if you're symptomatic then ignore peakflows and return to your GP.

now 400mcg of beclometasone twice a day isn't high, that was my normal dose, do you have an action plan because sounds like you should have doubled up that dose (and I know you're an adult from the work reference), but 100mcg of sameterol twice a day is high, the recommended dose is 100mcg daily and in exceptional circumstances it can be increased to 200mcg daily.


woody-som : Thanks for your advice. I've been in touch with NHS Direct and their sending me to the urgent care centre at my local hospital. Here's hoping they can work out what's going on :)


lets hope they can sort you out. more inhaled steroid will be more beneficial than the pred. the salmeterol at that high dose isn't of any major benefit, but something you can do is take your salbutamol (ventolin) 10 mins before your belcometasone,help open the airways up while your bad and that will allow hopefully a greater dispersion of the ICS in your lungs to control the inflammation.


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