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Prednisolone - fast working or takes its time?

Howdy everyone.

Asthma started going nutty 2 weeks ago. Wound up on 30mg of pred on Thursday, had it upped to 60mg this morning, on top of my usual inhalers, aaaaaaaand I don't feel much better. My peak flow has increased a wee bit (390 to 420 when my best is between 450-470) but I'm still tight-chested, uncomfortable and congested. I feel like going back to the doctor would be a waste of time. Should the pred have had an effect yet or am I being impatient?

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Hi Cole, sorry your lungs are playing up. I get told to wait 24 hrs by medical professionals to see improvement if not then either call my GP or Resp nurse. Hope You get some relief soon. Take care.



Hi Cole, I think it varies from person to person but I see you only had it upped to 60mg this morning so I'd give it a bit longer. I always find it takes a while to kick in for me and my teenage son.


usualy works quick for me.but not helping hardly this time.Had 40mg from hospital and 40 tabs of doc to reduce slowly but not helping this time.


Pred seems to take a day or 2 to kick in for me, so I'd wait a while longer, but what is right for me may not be right for you. If you feel you need more help don't be afraid to ask for it!


Hi cole,

Ive found they tend to take 3 to 4 days before i feel the benefit

When i use them, i take 40mg a day for 7

Days, then 20mg a day for another 7 days as per my action plan


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