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Immunoglobulin deficiancy

Hi All,

Does any of you suffer with an immunoglobulin (I Gg) deficiancy, proff ayres mentiones that it is common in Brittles but not always any bennifit treating it,

i am treated with IV Vigam every month and feel so much better, generally, my asthma is better and i dont get so many infections.

does anyone else have this treatment and how are you on it

thanks for comments, george xx

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Yes i receive this for an antibody deficiency and it does indeed help with my brittle asthma. Unfortunately my veins have given up so I now receive it sub-cutaneously every week rather than intravenous every 3 weeks. As you say, it really does make me feel a lot better just generally in addition to helping with the asthma. It is, however, a very expensive treatment, and not without its risks, which is I think why it is not more widely prescribed.

Hope you continue well on it. xx


I don't need treatment but I have mild immunoglobulin deficiency - IgA, IgG, IgM are all below normal though not by a lot. I only found this out earlier this year my dr called it hypogammaglobulinanemia (sp?). I wonder if that is why I get secondary lung infection (pneumonia / bad bronchitis) every time I get a cold... don't know about flu haven't had that for 2 years

I am glad the treatments help you!


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