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Hi does anyone else have one i have had mine for a just over the year so i was told it might only last a year or even up to five. but mine has virtually been in just over that and has been in constsnt use really since september after contacting septcieama ,, might have spellet that wrong the carththeter under the skin has split so have to have a new one in and this one taken out has anybody or any of your mods no or have heard of someone who could give me ashoulder to cry on as husband does not no what it was like to have done and as usual 1 did not come out of the anisetic well. Eneded up in i c u, and h d u,for a aprocedure that was only meant to be in exeter hos for two days. i was in for nearly two weeks and most of that was on h d u . so this past week have been in bed as can not get arond without getting seriusly whezzy although rather hear whezze then being tight and not , feel like a elephant stting om my lung s so have done the why me bit ,and stroppying saying i can not have the op done. so then family all having a go at me They are not the ones who have to go through the pain so after being a moody cow as my youngest daughter has told me ,even with a hot water bootle with pic of a cross looking cow, ahh bless heavly influenced by oldist daughter thinks i . knowing my luck my viens will tissue , it takes such a long time fifty attemps get a canular in by this time anisistis has been called they will inject wrirst with something that frezzes it so he/she will then have a good dig but that does not always work only hours so have been talked around still having probs with getting around as lost far two much wieght have to have a wheelchair zimmmer frames and a stick just to get around the possitve iside is i can borrow beths clothes and phoebe as they both are tens have put nearly a stone on but do find it hard to eat as start to feel ii and scandy shakes even make me wrech. but sepsis is not a diet i would NOTrecomend. i call them scanky shakes yuck. so now waiting for date to go in .as asthma is crap peak flows waste of time stats 85 two ninty and had back to back nebs for a few hours now althougth still able to talk lost my bp macine lent it out no its gone and i can not remember who i leant it to brain like a sieve so if anyone has any experince or has had such device could you privite post thank s soory for wiitering on but untill you get this illness . desase. what ever you want to call it, it has destroyed my life as i used to work fall time but i was made suppluss to requirements and losing my independece keep digging and you will be free looks likei am going to get caught very soon lol night Owl ps sorry if loads of spelling mistakes but typed this at four oclock as can not sleep all costa fied sending you metal spoons as thosse plastic ones keep breaking keep digging lol nice to hear from you em take it slowly glad to hear you are feeling brighter x

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Rach, hunny, I will call you later. Hang on in there.



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