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where we are up to with Snowy

Hi everyone

Its funny being here as myself lol.

Well she has been in HDU for a few days now and apart from the odd attack and most days attacks late in eve when v tired she has been fairly stable, yest they removed the last IV and now only has 2 canulas left in, as soon as she was free she was off on a walk around the unit, and then later suffered for doing too much, her body just isnt up to even a few minute walk right now.

However last week we found out (and sorry for only saying now but she didnt want anyone to know at the time), that it does look like she has some damage to her heart from the severe infection and the strain that put on her heart with all the resus attempts etc. We are not yet clear on what that means, the extent of it, if its treatable, or even reversable. She is speanding today on the cardiac ward having more tests and will hopefully know more later this week.

Also the timing could not of been worse as I was away with work last week when we found out, and had many a stressfull conversation with the cons on the phone and then had to dash back to see him when he broke the news, it was so hard being away from her during that week, but she coped really well and I am so proud of her xx

This will also obviously affect any decision made by the cons on if she can go on hols next week, so we have everything crossed, as if she is at home I KNOW she wont rest and will be up doing things, at least there she will just relax!

So hopefully the plan is still for discharge this fri and then review with cons on Mon or tue.

Take care and I will let you know more when I know it


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Thinking of you all Alex please let me know how things go its nice to see you have your own account to speak soon take care xx


Hi Alex. Mixed news, really, but on the whole better than you might have expected a couple of weeks ago? As always, thinking of you all and sending hugs.



today went ok

well it went ok, she coped with the tests and now settled back on HDU

All being well they are looking to move to resp ward late tomorrow so they can gradually reduce the support to see how she copes.

Not sure yet when we will get the results tho.



Nice to 'see' you on here as yourself, Alex. Glad to hear Snowy coping. Fingers crossed for further improvement so you can all get on that well deserved holiday! xx


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