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snowy - some good news/some bad

Hi all

She is still in HDU as the planned move yest to resp ward was put on hold till today after we were told results of extensive tests following what she has been through, we knew there might be complications but she did not want me to tell anyone until it was confirmed.

Her heart has suffered some damage from the severe infection and so many resus attempts, part of the wall and muscle has died and as a result is not working as it should and not pumping blood as efficiently, the tests she had done put her at an average age of 70 which she was obviously alarmed about, it means a change in lifestyle when she gets out and referal onto cardiology to see if anything can be done.

Hi main concern, and what was most upsetting is that if something like this happens again her chances of surviving it are very low, he does not know what extra strain her heart could now cope with but there is no test that can determine this, so we will live on a knife edge now with every attack she has and fear if it gets too bad that it could be the last. not easy news to take in and its very difficult for all of us.

IF everything goes to plan with move today and discharge fri or sat morn, and then cons happy with her progress at home when we see him mon/tue he will let her go on hol, as he admitted too that a break away from it all is deffo what we all need! So fingers crossed now that she has no setback in the next week and we can get away and enjoy our hols in Portugal, I know its not going to make it all go away but never thought a few weeks ago we would even be at this point so to be contemplating a holiday at all is huge! it will have to be a complete rest for her though as still weak, so we wont be doing anything except staying at the villa and resting, bliss !!


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Hi Alex. Thanks for the update. It must have been very difficult for both of you to hear the news and my heart goes out to you, thinking of the difficulties ahead and the adjustments that you might have to make.

However, as somebody very clever whose name escapes me for the moment (but I'm sure somebody will be able to enlighten me), it's so much better than the alternative :) and I'm sure you'll both be equal to the challenge.

I have my fingers very much crossed that you'll all be able to go on holiday because I'm sure that you'll all feel better for lying in the sun for a while.

Much love, many hugs and loads of positive thoughts to you all.



Thinking of you all and hope Andreas heart can be treated xxx


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