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I'm soooo excited !

cant contain myself any longer lol

My darling wife has been cleared to come home tomorrow !

That will be 80 days in hosp ! (im sure she could of gone around the world in that time - hummm sounds familiar!) and now finally set to come home, it was funny last night when she worked out that it was 31st May when she went in and said ""have I missed summer?"" I had to laugh and said yeh but.... no cause as usual we didn't get one !!!

Now to plan a very quiet weekend so she can cope at home with no setbacks before we meet the cons again on mon lunchtime to hopefully get clearance to go on hols next thur !!


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I know what you will be doing tonight..... mega clean up!! Youve had 80 days of nag free house bound to be a mess (I know mine would be if my mum was away even for a few days!)


So pleased for you and Lewis, wonderful news Xx


That's brilliant, Alex. I'm sure it will make a huge difference to Snowy to be in her own home with you and Lewis. I'm so happy for you all.



That's great news! Really pleased for you all. x


Fan-daby-dosie news!

Happy for u all!



After 24 hours in hospital this weekI came home to a small degree of mess, you better make sure Alex that everything is up to Snowy's standards!

Though seriously pleased for you all, hope she gets cleared for her hols!

Hugs Katina


Going be a tearful home coming for you all xxx



Great news - really pleased for you all. xx


I am so thrilled for you and Lewis, what a huge relief it will be to have her home where she belongs. Also a slightly scary responsibility no doubt - it's great to get home but that first couple of days without medics on hand can make one a bit anxious.

This may not be a popular thing to say Alex, but don't focus too much on this holiday, cos she may well not be ""cleared for take-off"". I was banned from flying when I'd been a lot less poorly than Andrea, just because of the risk of bugs from the aircon. Also, I know you've all been so looking forward to it, but if it doesn't happen it's for a reason, eg there are drawbacks to being in Portugal, away from drs who know her, you may not find it as relaxing as you think. There will be plenty of other lovely holidays, and all that matters is that you've all come through this and survived!

I was very sorry to learn of Andrea's cardiac weakness, what a cruel blow after all you've been through together. But cardiac rehab is excellent and look at this way - now that it's been identified, the docs will be keeping a very, very close eye on her, with regular checks to spot any problems before they happen. I know plenty of fighting fit 70 year olds! And there is always loads of research going on in cardiology so new therapies are coming along all the time.

I will be thinking of you all tomorrow and in the ensuing days, and willing health and stability Andrea's way, and peaceful nights & freedom-from-worry for you and Lewis. I''m sure you're both emotionally wrung-out by now so you take care of each other too xxx


Yey! Today's the day. Fingers & everything else possible crossed all goes to plan, Andrea comes home, you all have a quiet weekend and get away on hols. Polly, I think you have a point about this holiday but considering everything that's happened so far, there's every reason to think it can go ahead. Good point about cardiac rehab though!


Yeah TJ, I didn't want to pour cold water on all the excitement, just to say, there are silver linings to every apparent cloud. Hence my name, Polly Anna! Obviously I want them all to have a lovely holiday too, but I lost a parent to asthma when I was Lewis' age, so I just wanted to say, if the docs are happy fine, but if not, it's for snowy's safety, & not to be too disappointed x


Just to elay your fears

The travel co we are going with have been brill, and although the villa is remote it is actually only 20mins from the hosp and they found out for us that there is a medical clinic in the next village about 5mins drive.

they have said that if we get the all clear on Mon they want us to fax the discharge papers & cons letter to them and they will get them translated for us and faxed to the hops and clinic so that they are aware of all the history should anything bad happen, also they have contacted the ins co and we just have to pay another top up on top of the orig top up lol. to cover for all this.

So all in all and with the amount of meds, nebs and everything else they have given us to take for the ""just in case"" we should be fine, just need the all clear now.

I would never risk her health so glad that we have all avenues covered if they say we can go, and totaly trust this cons and his opinion!



Just wanted to say, hope you get a few restful days at home and then get to go on your holiday. I met a lovely lady in hospital once who thought holidays should be available on the NHS as they were so good for her asthma!

You seem to have got the insurance and everything sorted, sounds like a great holiday company. The only thing I though of was does Andrea need an official fitness to fly type document? Might be worth getting one just incase.

Take care



Hi Bryony,

Yes she does need that, we are seeing the cons on Mon lunchtime and only if he is happy that she has managed to cope well enough at home on her own will he issue it, we could of gone without one and not said anything to anyone, but I would rather do it the right way and now we have involved the travel co and ins we have to get that in order to go, and to be honest would not feel safe doing it any other way... holidays can be re-booked people cant!



Hi everyone,

just to let you all know that we are now all back home together!.

80 days after the journey began, its great to have her home, she is tired and emotionaly drained and very quiet as its quite a shock to the system, so prob wont come on here herself for a while, but just wanted to let people know that we finally made it!

(think I might have a wee cry in a bit - tears of joy and releif though for a change!)

next step - see cons again mon lunchtime for thorough check up and poss go ahead to go on hols ? fingers crossed x




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