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Graseby being discontinued - Subcut questions

Hi, my sub cut pump broke over the weekend and I've had a nightmare getting it replaced today. Apparently the graseby's are being discontinued as they can't be locked, but the ones they are changing them for a mckinleys, which are massive and much heavier than the graseby's. Have any of you had to have your pump changed? I borrowed a McKinley over the weekend and I hated it, kept alarming all the time whenever I bumped it. I'm a nurse so it's usually in a bum bag type thing so it's always bumping off my bum so it would seem the McKinley will be no good. Ideally a crono pump would suit me but I need to approach the commissioning board at the PCT with a realistic goal. I have about 2 months before I have to change and I have to go through commissioning to get a pump at all. The treatment has worked so well, have gone from 24 admissions in one year to 6 this last year! Soo annoying that I'm having to fight them!!!

Thanks for your help x

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I have just changed my Graseby because of supply problems when it broke down, the Graseby is being phased out, but there are a couple of years yet before all trusts have to convert. For those who find themselves in the position of having to change their pump now, various trusts have different ways of doing it.

For me, I approached my GP with all the information I needed to prove my case to the local PCT for funding. I preferred the Crono because of size, so approached Applied Medical to provide me with the full literature and costings for it. I tried also McKinley so that I could show my GP the different options. Applied Medical were wonderful and within 24 hours had all the info through my letter box, McKinely quite frankly were not interested! I got the bare min out of them and it took two weeks. That alone was enough to make me decide personally a pump from them was not worth while chasing.

The Crono retails at just below a thousand pounds, requiring their own make of syringes (others cannot be used due to design of Crono) and these cost £1 a day but come with needles. Servicing is £75 for the first three years (each year), £95 there after. Though Applied Medical have said to me that is probably unlikely that they will need servicing every year. Whilst your pump is in for servicing or repair a loan pump will be supplied by the company.

MCKinley pumps are nearer £1300 to purchase, will take any syringe make, but need yearly servicing at the cost of £240. No loan pump will be provided by MCkinely and you will just have to hope there is one available in the community for you to use.

I put all the facts to my GP last September who applied to the local PCT stating my case, as in a new sub cut pump was cheaper than an ITU bed! I finally got my new Crono two weeks ago!

Already I have needed Applied Medical for back up advice and found them excellent.

The only downside of the Crono I can find is that it is only designed to last 4 years. And I wasn't made aware of this until I read the service book for my new Crono. Have mentioned this again to GP who's response was , oh well no worries it is still cheaper than an ITU bed.

Hope that information is of use!


Thats fab thanks. My plan was to get money info etc so I'll get on that tonight. Do you mind telling me which NHS trust/PCT you dealt with so I can suggest a president has been set elsewhere? I have the last graseby in my PCT so time is running out! Thanks again for your help x



I have had a graseby since 1994! I knew there was going to be a change over but no one consulted me about it until I asked for my current graseby to be serviced! Hey presto, the trust has changed to McKinleys and not told me! Have managed to scrounge a spare graseby.... in the mean time, Dist nurses are trying to sort out funding for me to get either a McKinley or a Crono.... I am not letting go of the spare until I have a new pump.

Also, not sure who is going to fund new pump.

The Dist nurses have McKinleys for short term palliative care. not sure if hosp can fund one for me...

the hosp isn't servicing the grasebys now......

They can service McKinleys but the Cronos are serviced by AMT who are the distributer in the UK, I think... Katina will know more about the Cronos.

I am in a bit of limbo at the mo too....

Sorry I can't be of more help.

Do you get help from Respiratory services (Resp Team) at your local hospital? they may be worth approaching. Mine are more concerned with COPD pats so back to the dist nurses for me.



I look after it all myself. The pump is outside of the asthma nurses treatment remit and being in the medical world myself they just let me get on with it. The McKinley was a nightmare, excellent set up compared to the graseby's recognised the syringe and how much was in it and much smoother quieter infusion compared to graseby's but every little bump made the darn thing beep like mad!

I've emailed McKinley, AMT and another company who's name escapes me right now. Interestingly my trust is using AMT pumps for primary hypotension treatment so maybe they will look more favourably on it. Size wise it's going to be better.

Will let you know how I get on!


Both my Graseby and Crono were paid for by Wye Valley Trust (Herefordshire PCT) One was applied for by Resp. and the other recently my GP. But in the end money came from the same pot! I personally manage my pump, as no one within the community or local resp department have a clue! I was originally a RBH patient who found herself in the position of not being anyone's patient when I was discharged from RBH, hence having to find find funding locally. Though now back with RBH, but relieved local pays for my pump now because McKinely is the driver they use at RBH, and people I know use it find it very big and bulky and one even calls it the ""BRICK>


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