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*big sigh*

my peak flow metre reading was 340 this morning *high for me* thought i would be okay with my asthma today, however, when i was at work my chest was raelly hurting and tight, so i took my inhaler, was ok for about 2 hours, then i had the same feeling, then i took my inhaler and about an hour after i needed it this normal in such a short space of time? like when ibrathed in, i felt really chesty too, i know its not a cold or chest infection though? does anyone else get this?

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dont feel alone!! lol ..yes I've been getting this for the last week but also have a bad chesty cough to go with it...and having exactly the same problem with my reliever works for a little while then I have to take it again..actually thought I'd have to pay a visit to casualty last night..but didnt go..keeping fingers crossed I won't have to eventually give in and pay them a visit!


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