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my peak flow readings

hi, ive had a peak flow metre for just over a week, my reading should roughly be 405 according to the EU Scale, however, mine has been changing from 320 to 380, mostly it is 330...does this man i have bad asthma or what? i don't really udnerstand..i know each individual has a different reading..but mine seems very low according to the average? Please help. Thank you

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Hello kisable_moi, the averages given on any pf scale are just a guideline. Everyone will have their own 'normal' values and for some this may be higher than the EU guide, whereas for others it may be lower. I think I'm supposed to be able to get something like 480 according to those EU scales, but in actuality I spend most of my time around the 200/250 mark. It may be that your asthma needs better control at the moment, or it may be that the readings you are currently getting are what is normal for you. It may well be worth you talking to your doctor or asthma nurse what their goal for you is, and it'd also be worth you keeping a note of your peak flows for a while until you you can see more clearly what a normal level is for you.

I hope this isn't too much of a jumbled mess - I'm quite tired so not making a huge amount of sense a lot of the time. Maybe some of it will be useful.

Take care, and ask us anything you like here as one or other of us is bound to be able to give an answer of some description.



Its just a guide and thats another reason to keep a chart as not everyone gets their predicted so now for your asthma plan they take your best from last 6mhs over your predicted. It can also go alot with technique and some meters are harder than others especially when new.



Heya! same situation - I was diagnosed on the 21st December & have had a peak flow gadget for a week also. My ideal peak flow according to the charts is 410 but my readings range from 330 on a good day to 210 most nights with only a bit of wheezing/coughing (been much worse!). Is this bad!? I don't understand the readings either!


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