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what ""stage"" of treatment am i at where can i go next

Hi there i am currently on a lot of medication, which includes bricanyl turbohaler, serevent, spiriva, nebs 3 different solutions dexmethasone 10mg daily monteluklast and a lot more to list (look at profile) i am not sure where i am on the treatment step and have found that my asthma is becoming harder to control (i am having to use neb 2-4 hrly as well as going through 2 bricanyl inhalers a week). I am often admitted to hospital for i.v amonophyline for about 2 weeks at a time then i am usually re admitted within 3 months of discharge,

Latley i have had enough and because of worrying about time off work will not go to a&e unless i am gasping and turning blue(I know this is not advisable but love my work and do not wanna get sacked).

Just wondering if anyone else has had this trouble in the past and if anyone can advise me on any other treatments or help i can get.

sorry for the ramble but really had enough now


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hi Kipo,

sorry u are having a hard time,

things seem very difficult for you at the moment,

work issues are always hard , but please dont leave it too late,

i noted you use nebulized magnesium, am i correct? if so how is it for you, is it regular or just emergancy, i find it fab iv when bad, not tried it nebulised.

you say you are posibly going to try S/C bricanyl, has that happened yet? are you under one of the specialist centres, if you are not it may be worth a referal,

good luck and best wishes, george xx


hi george.

I am not under a specialist hospital at mo but have a consultant in my nearby hospital. They are not willing to try me on subcut at the mo because i am so ""unstable"".

I only use magnesium at the start of a flare up nut often end up on iv magnesium in a&e then on to amonophyline.

I find the neb magnesium helps for short periods of time but does not stop the admissions just buys me a bit of time.



Kippo have u spoken to your local Dss office your asthma may be covered under the disability Work act. Which may mAke your employer assess other avenues of employment prior to you losing you job. Only when they is no suitable employment or the work is deprimental to your health can they pay you off and they gotta prove that they have tried to be supportive. Hope this helps going thro similar at my work they wanted to pension me off. Not til occy health and union stepped in did they start looking at new jobs ..... It has taken some off the stress away from being off sick


hi kipo

try not to worry about work,you are covered by the DDA and employers have to be helpful if they can make your job easier to cope and have to allow for time off.

If your job is to hard for you then OH and HR will try help sort it for you and only last resort have to pay you off if no alternate job for you.

I am at the moment going through it my self with my works and OH and HR.

The main thing is dont worry they are there for you and help so you dont get to stressed over it as that wont help.

love Glyns

edit-you might be able get DLA also


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